Sunday, February 27, 2005

And the Oscar Goes To...

Since I'm not always one to put my neck on the line when it comes to predictions, I'm going to throw failure-caution to the wind (who, me?) and give my Oscar votes for tonight. I'll be at Amy's watching the entire show from beginning to end, wishing Donica in Germany could join us.

I've seen all the movies except 3 in the following major categories:

BEST PICTURE: I was most In Soul with "Finding Neverland" but predict "Million Dollar Baby" will win, in spite of it's controversial ending. The everyday-person poll from the NY Times (us-uns) predicts "The Aviator." I hope they're wrong.

BEST DIRECTOR: Since "Aviator" was still such a good movie, I predict Martin Scorsese, especially since he's never nabbed an Oscar, after 5 other nominations. He deserves it; Clint Eastwood has already won it. And there are those times when the Best Director is different from the Best Picture. So let the glory be shared again.

BEST ACTOR: Hands down, I predict and prefer Jamie Foxx in "Ray." Anyone who can totally "get" a person's personality and mannerisms, without you noticing, deserves the prize. Besides, he's already won all the other Best Actor awards for this movie, so it wouldn't make sense to not get the Oscar! Not that the other nominees weren't good (they were nominated!).

BEST ACTRESS: This is where I can't be totally fair because I haven't yet seen Catalina Sandino Moreno in "Maria Full of Grace" or Imelda Staunton in "Vera Drake." Of the other 3, I predict and prefer Hilary Swank. In real life, she's so self-effacing. How unusual for an actor/actress today! She was so gracious when she beat out Annette Bening in 2000. I loved Bening in "Being Julia" but Hilary has my vote. I am saddened to hear, however that Bening's sister-in-law, with whom she was close, has just died of cancer after a 2-year battle.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Hands down again, I hope it's Morgan Freeman in "Million $ Baby." I liked Thomas Haden Church in "Sideways" but Morgan, like Scorsese, should have won an Oscar years ago. It's time!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: I haven't yet seen Laura Linney in "Kinsey," but of the other 4 movies, I'd vote for Cate Blanchett in "Aviator." I loved her characterization of Katharine Hepburn and, while she's won many awards, she's never won an Oscar. She deserves one! I really liked Sophie Okonedo in "Hotel Rwanda" and Virginia Madsen in "Sideways," but think they could both get a few more movies under their belt before they win.

There you have it. Now, may we have the envelope, please!


  1. since i haven't seen any of the other movies (i tend to not go to the movies alone) my opinion will be a little biased. however, i did go out to see finding neverland, not once but twice, and absolutely LOVED it. with a capitol LOVE. so i'm hoping that it nabs something tonight. nominations are all good, but it deserves to take something home.


  2. Since I couldn't watch the program, I caught a summary on BBC News TV this morning. Looks like your predictions went quite well. I have to say that I agree with Eastwood's award and all of your other predictions/winners. Wish I could have been there!!


  3. You did pretty well!


  4. Mom, you did good! I, too, was very happy with the results as I was most concerned about Hilary Swank and Jamie Foxx. And can I just say that Hilary's dress was AMAZING!!!!

  5. You got your wish, Silke: "Finding Neverland" took home the Best Original Score. "Sideways" took home the Best Screenplay Adaption and "Ray" took home the Best Actor. Yea for Jamie Foxx! So all the top 5 movies took home at least something. That felt good! And yes, Amy, Hilary's dress was indeed amazing. You'd never know those 2 photos in my next post are of the same woman!