Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Intuition: Soul-Voice

Today I was fired! It's a long story, not very complicated at all and, as someone said, totally unnecessary. But that's not what this post is about. It's about Intuition.

This morning (before work and before I was fired), I knew I would be writing a post tonight on Intuition and how the inner spirit within us is the soul's voice of reason, knowing and consciousness. I've been in on several conversations about intuition lately (not my own) and "coincidentally" read about it today from where I last left off in WWRWTW (see 1/29 posts). So I knew I wanted to write about it.

What I didn't know was that it was going to be about ME and how I should have been listening to my own "soul-voice" ( Clarisa Pinkola Estes' words). When I down-sized myself at work a month ago, because of all the stress, I could have resigned then and there but listened instead to "oughts" in my head. If I had listened inwardly, to my soul-voice, I would have resigned (and would not have been fired today!).

"Rather than defining intuition as some unreasoned faulty quirk, it is defined as truly the soul-voice speaking. Intuition senses the directions to go in for the most benefit, it is self-preserving, has a grasp of underlying motive and intention, it chooses what will cause the least amount of fragmenting in the psyche....

"Like the wolf, intuition has claws that pry things open and pin things down, it has eyes that can see through the shields of persona, it has ears that hear beyond the range of mundane human hearing."

"We feed the deep intuitive self by listening to it and acting upon its advice. It is a personage in its own is like the muscles in the body. If a muscle is not used, eventually it withers. Intuition is exactly like that: without food, without employment, it atrophies...."

Soul-Voice. Intuition. Listen, Ginnie, and now go back to the desert to gather the bones... and sing over them.


  1. I read a book years ago called The Gift of Fear, by Gavin De Becker, which is about how our inner voice, or intuition, can many times save us from becoming a victim of a crime. Written by a man, it very much speaks to women in particular because our connection to our intuition tends to be so much stronger -- but ironically, women, not men, are the most commonly the victims of violent crimes. Why? Because we don't listen to our inner voice. Why? Because we're taught not to. We're being silly, or over-dramatic or simply, "you worry too much". We're also taught to be polite and in many cases, not to challenge men or make a scene.

    The book is fascinating to read as it's filled with real stories of people who have become victims of a crime, but if they had only paid closer attention to their intuition, they would have seen all the red flags that they instead pushed out of their minds.

    Your post today has special meaning to me, Mom, as you know. I challenge all of us to listen to our intuition, in spite of all the reasons not to. It may save us from becoming victims of even the most tame "crimes".

  2. This is so incredibly meaningful to me, Amy. Thank you and I love you!

  3. You're both so right, and I'm glad to finally be learning this too. Love, love, love.