Friday, March 04, 2005

Barcelona Es Una Ciudad

As I've previously said, Donica is in Barcelona this weekend. Talk about memories! Memories that started back in Grand Ledge High School (Michigan) in 1960 when in Spanish class we sang the ditty, "Barcelona es una ciuduad, es una ciudad de Espana:" Barcelona is a city, a city of Spain (northeast on the Balearic Sea coast).

Little did I know then that in October of 2002, Donica and I would have a long weekend in Barcelona before one of her business trips there. One thing stands out from that visit: the art and architecture of Antoni Gaudi, born in 1852. While his work can be seen throughout the city, La Sagrada Familia temple/cathedral and Park Guell are the standouts.

La Sagrada Famila, begun in 1882, is his most famous work and has been under on-again, off-again construction after he was killed by a streetcar in 1926 at age 74. And yes, we climbed one of the 12 bell towers representing the apostles, along a narrow, spiral staircase, and snapped great pictures of the city! Park Guell, built between 1901-1914, is a totally different feel but every bit as breath-taking: so "colorful and playful." It amazes me that for how incredible his work is, I had never heard of him before. Barcelona is worth the visit for him alone.

La Rambla boulevard with its flower stalls, artists and mime, Tablao Cordobes flamenco dance, the Columbus monument at the waterfront... Oh my! The memories start to flood over me. Definitely one of the cities of Europe to visit!

See it for us all, Donica...again.


  1. I continue to be so envious of your wordly travels! Will I ever make it out of the country?!?!!? (Sorry, Cancun doesn't count in my mind.) These pictures definitely make me want to visit Barcelona, among other places.

  2. Yes, Amy, some day...and probably before you're in your 50's!

  3. Not realizing Donica was in Spain, Don and I were watching a PBS travel show on Spain (Toledo mostly) last night and wishing we were there! Quite the coincidence.

    Great photos.

    I can't wait to hear about your trip to your/our roots!


  4. Just a long weekend in Barcelona in order to go to a manufacturing site about an hour from there on Friday. It was nice to remember all the sites we saw on our original trip and to walk down La Ramblas and watch the people. The weather was warmer than Germany but it was still windy and in the 40s.