Sunday, March 20, 2005

She's BAAAack!

Indeed! Donica is back home from Germany! Reunion for us all after a month's absence!

At Nicholas' soccer game yesterday, Donica and the Big Little Boy (BLB) hugged it out. Pictures worth more than a thousand words. Amy has said that apart from her and Daddy, Donica may be Nicholas' favorite person in the whole world. If so, she deserves that honor!

To top off the day, we got another sleep-over and the preparation for another trip away, this time with both of us, Donica and G'ma (moi), a week from now. How do you teach a child the abstract concept of time and that it will be another 1-1/2 months before we'll see him again?

No answer to that question, other than that it'll be several tomorrows. But I did show him the map of the world (another big abstract?) that hangs in his room here and where Atlanta is in relation to Germany, with all the ocean's water in between. He has some sense of the trip from Atlanta to Michigan and how long that trip is. Maybe he'll "get" more of it than we realize.

Anyway, we'll come back to these photos often, reminding us of the ties that bind.


  1. These are such great pictures Aunt Bootsie, I can really feel the love that you all share. And how nice that Donica is finally home!! ~ Peter M.

  2. Peter! What a sweetheart you are! If Nicholas grows up to be as great as you, this world will be a better place. And Amy will agree to that!

  3. Maybe we should start bringing Nicholas to Eddie's to start learning from the pro! ;-)

  4. Feeling the love!