Saturday, April 09, 2005

Paris ReVisited (with Photos!)

In conjunction with my last post on our Paris birthday celebration, here are the photos. Better late than never! I'm trying out a new photo album, where you'll get more pictures by clicking below on the main categories. In the meantime, here also are some appetizers:

1. MONTMARTRE: the artists' square and the next-door Sacre Coeur basilica.

2. PLACE des VOSGES: the oldest square/plaza in Paris for lazing around and entertainment du jour.

3. ST. GERMAIN des PRES, LUXEMBOURG GARDENS, PANTHEON: the two churches, St. Germain and St. Sulpice, the lovely gardens in early spring, and the Pantheon, where the great men (and one woman) of Paris are entombed.

Here are the four of us ready to go out on the town. Don't you just love the photo of Ruth and Don strolling along! That's how the long weekend was--a time of strolling along in leisurely celebration of being alive in a great city and sharing it with those we love.


  1. LOVE the albums! I haven't had a chance to look through all of them, but I have seen all the Paris pictures. So beautiful!!

  2. Thanks, Amy. Like I said, once I'm up on DSL at the apartment, I plan to monkey around with the albums to see if they're the way I want.