Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Miscellaneous Scotland

So, this is for everything else inbetween--the catch-all post! When I take lots of shots in categories, that tells you what calls to me: "Yoo-Hoo, over here!"

The churches are always obligatory, of course. But these are not the high-brow cathedrals from past posts. These are the humble churches that Dad would have been drawn to.

There's also something about bridges. I would trek off on my own and find every one of them if I were retired there. Every bridge calls me to walk across it as though to experience his/her journey from here to there.

Likewise with fences, even if they're a bridge's antithesis! Some fences do not keep you out harshly, nor do I mind their boundary if they ask me nicely and don't mind my snapping some photos. Some fences are there for the sheer pleasure of safe enjoyment.

There are always the scenic shots, too. Everywhere. I could have snapped them to kingdom come!

Monuments, I guess, tell us what/who's important to the natives. This lone bagpiper, I'm sure, tells us what's important to us tourists. I watched him set up his gig at Armadale's ferry pier, start playing as the passengers disembarked, and then leave within minutes. I may have been the only one who dropped in my coins, and that to take his photo. He was a "monument" in his own right.

If you've wandered through our Scotish Highlands trek via these posts, thank you. A smattering is better than nothing and pictures always say more than all my words. This is my journal to me; this is my journal to you.

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