Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Room With a View

Literally, this was the view from out our living room windows! And that's about as vacation as the word ever gets.

The weather helped us: the first four days, Sat - Tue, were gloriously sunny in the low 50s. We knew this ahead of time, assuming the weather predictions were right, and planned accordingly. All the travelling we could do in our neck of the woods--west from the Great Glen and over to the Isle of Skye (see map from 4/22)--we did those 4 days (posts to come). Then the gentle rains came, Wed - Fri, forcing/allowing us to stay put and relax.

And relax we did. You would have been proud of us. While Donica read and slept off-n-on three days in a row (which relaxed me to watch because she needed it!), I uploaded over 1000 photos, rotating and naming them (don't worry, I won't send them all!). When we relaxed together, we played 2-handed euchre (and I learned how to use the timer on the camera!). If you ask Donica, she'll tell you she truly relaxed.

Donica did not get to shoot clay pigeons, BTW, because the only time scheduled was during the rain. Boo Hoo. It would have been a hoot to watch, indeed. Perhaps another time, another place.

If you take a look at the photos of this Great Glen Water Park (at the South Laggan bridge), where we lived for a week, you'll see the difference between the sunny and rainy days. One of my favorite things in the world is the attitude of weather and how it affects the sky. That was vacation for me.

We thank God for journeying mercies, especially on the "one-track" roads with room for only one car at a time. Our nerves were rattled more than once but we're back in Hannover in one, relaxed piece. And all the better for it!

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