Friday, May 27, 2005

The Sound of Music

No sooner does one weekend come and go before another is at our doorstep! Man alive--tempest fugit!

Today we're off to Salzburg, Austria, days 7 and 8 of our Europass, and because Donica is taking the American holiday, Memorial Day, we have an extra day to relax while gadding about. Besides being the 1965 scenery for The Sound of Music movie, Salzburg is the 1756 birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I never connected the two but now I wonder if there was any of Mozart's music in the movie? Hmmm. Trivia worth checking out. (Amy?)

It's gonna be hot, in the mid-80s! Even hotter than Hotlanta, according to! Even Hannover will be hotter, in the high 80s, before dropping to the low 60s on Monday with rain. Ay caramba. But then we are in Gemini, when spring moves into summer. So there you have it.

Because of the extra day this weekend, we're really gonna try to relax. We are reserved for a 4-hour Sound of Music bus/coach tour tomorrow afternoon, in Salzburg and its environs. But other than that, I think we'll just take things as they come. Spontaneously.

That really sounds like music to our ears!

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