Monday, June 20, 2005

A Good Question

On the heels of running my hands over Mother Earth this past weekend, meditating on all that she gives, whether we deserve it or not, I thought about nephew Nate's question on his blog from June 15:

Question: If you were forced to choose an entirely other religion or belief system than the one to which you currently adhere, what would it be and why? Assume you cannot say, "but I would choose nothing else, my religion or belief system is the only way." Seriously consider the other options and tell which you would choose.

Another nephew mentioned he really didn't know what to choose because he didn't know enough about the other religions. Just think: we who were born into Christianity could have been born into a Muslim or Buddhist society. And we would be thinking our belief system was the only way. Could someone convince us that Christianity was better?

I responded by saying "Native American, hands down." I forgot to add why but it's because of their connection to the Earth. If you can revere and take care of Earth, which we don't own, how much easier it might be to take care of all her creatures! I also yearn for their connection with Spirit, everywhere.

What would you choose? and Why?


  1. i think i would have to say buddhism. but being pagan contributes to that pretty heavily. the reason, though, would be that buddhism recognizes the divine in everything, from rocks to trees, to us ourselves. they don't worship anyone/thing, per se, but they do see that everything is interconnected and so have a reverence for the earth and her creatures that is so much more prevalent than in many other faiths.

  2. Good choice, Silke. I think my maternal grandmother was Buddhist in her belief system...or maybe it was Hindu. She was extremely intolerant, however, so was found wanting. I'm guessing we all are "found wanting" in whatever system we're in. One good reason for reincarnation, maybe, till we get it right?