Friday, June 03, 2005

Here We Go Again!

If you think you're overwhelmed by all our coming and going, join the crowd!

We thought we were doing something smart way back in March by buying (at discount) 10 days of Eurorail passes (with a free day thrown in) to be used in 2 months. That would be essentially 5 weekends, right? Right! We had 10 weekends to work with but after our trip to Paris (Donica's surprise birthday party for me, remember!), our vacation week in Scotland, and our trip back to Atlanta and Michigan before Mother's Day, we "lost" 5 weekends. That meant we needed to travel every remaining weekend!

Which is a round-about way of saying we take days 9 and 10 of our Europass this weekend, going to not-far-away Lübeck, a bit NE of Hamburg. Because it's on the Baltic Sea and near Kiel, where boats leave for Scandinavia, we'll feel we're but a hop, skip, and a jump from Denmark. We were supposed to go to Zurich, Switzerland, the opposite direction, but decided against another long trip without an extra day.

That extra, "free" Europass day, BTW, is what I'll use next Tuesday to train to Magdeburg (east of Hannover, halfway to Berlin) for the day--the expiration day of the pass. Donica will be in Amsterdam, working (imagine that). And then I'll head home for Atlanta on Thursday.

If we have to do it over again--maybe next year at the same time--we'll shoot for every other weekend to get away so that we can breathe in-between.

We should all have such problems!

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