Monday, August 29, 2005

Déjà Vu

Those THREE INCREDIBLE LADIES AND THEIR PURE SPUNK AND BRAWN were at it again today! Donica and I spent 9 1/2 hours helping Amy with more of her move, both at her new townhouse and her apartment.

I spent most of the day at the apartment, packing up the last of Nicholas' toys and cleaning baseboards, window sills and doors. Amy was cleaning the bathrooms and will finish up the kitchen tomorrow before the walk-through for her security deposit. Hey, every dollar counts when you move from here to there and I wanted to make sure she gets it all!

Once I got back to the house, where Donica had been working her magic--swapping out another doorknob, hanging a ceiling fan in Nicholas' room, adding shelves to his closet, wiring up the TV and video components, etc.--I tackled Nicholas' computer desk, to swap out the legs to the highest extensions (it was a great kit when we bought it, knowing it would need to grow with him). One of those fun tasks with the kind of tools I can handle (Donica's power tools scare me!).

In the meantime, Amy went to pick up Nicholas from his weekend at Dad's. When they got home, it was Nicholas' time to take the grand tour and be amazed at his new home. His bed also was raised up, so he sees himself as a Big Boy on so many levels. He approved of the new heights of desk and bed and at one point indicated he could hardly wait to go to sleep in his new house.

So it's been quite the journey this weekend! Lots of time and energy, spunk and brawn to get a job done. Most of all it's been lots of love for Amy and Nicholas as they start out in their new place. I can't imagine being a single mom going through a move like that. Thank God we are proximate and able enough to lighten the load!


  1. I love being posted on this move...and am happy that everything is going smoothly! I want to come visit ASAP. I'm going to find some blues club in Atlanta to come play at soon...I'll keep y'all informed.

  2. Oh Pete--how wonderful! We can hardly wait. And as always, you have a place to stay!

  3. Come on down, Peter! You know we'll take good care of you and I always love having family in our neck of the woods. DEFINITELY let us know if you make a plan for it!