Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Flowers Can Talk

Mama Mia! Of course they can! I hadn't thought about it like that but when I saw those words on someone's T-shirt at the Kleines Fest on Saturday (last post), I said, "But of course! They even look at us through our windows to watch what we're doing!"

So, here are some of my flower photos from since March: Austria (Salzburg), Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris), Germany (Hannover x4 , Celle, and Lübeck), Scotland (Dunvegan), and USA (Michigan). The question is, since they can talk, which ones are from where? Can you pick them out from their accent? (Ha. Don't even know if I can without looking at the note below.*)

And then, what are they saying? We know they talk to each other and fall in love, blowing kisses and making love whenever the winds blow (it's a breeze!). But what are they telling us when they talk? "HELLO! I'm thirsty. Please feed me. Thanks for the 'haircut.' Don't you just love the sun AND the rain! Where have you been? I've missed you! Good night." And so on and so forth....






Flowers can talk, indeed. Sounds like something Nicholas would say.

[*Top photo: Lübeck. 1) Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg. 2) Luxembourg Gardens, Paris. 3) Prague. 4) Herrenhäuser Rain Forest, Hannover. 5) Dunvegan Castle. 6) Hart Family Cottage, Michigan. 7) Park in Celle. 8) Florist shop, Hannover. 9) Private residence, Hannover. 10) Herrenhäuser Botanical Gardens, Hannover.]

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