Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Higher Tolerance for Pain

A recent study says redheads have a higher tolerance for pain. Interestingly, I have always said I have a high threshold for pain but didn't know it was my red hair. HA.

Which is to say that yesterday, Day 10 of painting (WHOLE WHEAT), has put me into the "strome hetch" of Amy's townhouse project. In one day I painted everything left of roller-painting and cutting-in (the stairway and upstairs hallway) except for what I need the extension ladder up at the two-story ceiling. That's left for Saturday when Donica will be with me for safety (and brawn).

I had calculated that what I did yesterday would take 2 shorter days but when I realized I could get it done in one longer day (8 hours of painting plus prep and clean-up), I opted for it. My bod paid for it short-term but after restful sleep, I feel as good as normal these painting days.

So, yes, at age 60 I feel I'm doing darn-tootin' well for this physical activity, even though I can hardly wait till it's all done! So rewarding to see the end result.

But I had no clue it was my RED HAIR getting me through it all! And LOVE. Don't forget love!

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