Sunday, August 28, 2005

Two Men and a Truck

Yes, exactly: Two Men and a Truck started out the moving day yesterday, 7:30a, at Amy's apartment and finished at her new townhouse around 1p. I had already arrived at the apartment at 6:30 to help Nicholas get dressed and take him to school, share all my excitement with him for this big experience, and then head over to the townhouse to vacuum, clear space for furniture and do basic clean-up.

Then a man and a refridgerator came for installation, followed later by a man and a microwave. Somewhere inbetween (with several trips, actually) was a man and a lady with blinds to install the 11 window treatments up and down. Once the movers arrived and it was clear Amy's queen boxsprings could NOT turn the corner going upstairs, three builders and a boxsprings skinned the cat a different way. The builders (still in the neighborhood, building more units) laughed because Amy's wasn't the first move for this issue: a flaw in the design! But Nicholas' window was more than up to the task at hand.

That leaves the THREE INCREDIBLE LADIES AND THEIR PURE SPUNK AND BRAWN! Donica had gone over to the apartment to help Amy load our truck while the movers were loading theirs. By the time the actual move was made--the 8 miles from there to here--the whole process was undone, with the many trips back-n-forth, up-n-down, moving the out to in.

Amy started putting many things away and organizing the different rooms. Donica was the handylady with the power tools, drilling holes, hanging things, changing out the front door lock, rewiring the plug for the dryer, buying stuff at Home Depot, helping put Nicholas' bed together, etc. And I made up the beds, did paint touch-up, cleaned some more and helped wherever needed.

It was one of those long, exhausting days that makes you drop into bed with a smile on your face. Donica said I was groaning off-n-on between my snores throughout the night. A sore muscle for every accomplishment!

We're so happy for Amy and though it were our own move. It feels so good to be vested in their joy, if you know what I mean!

Next week I'll finish up the painting--the stairway and upstairs hallway, purposely left for after the move. But that's next week....


  1. it's always a relief when the moving is done and there is only some unpacking left to do (not that that isn't time consuming in and of itself) even if it isn't your stuff being moved. remind me to hire you guys the next time i move :)

  2. HA! Just don't make it anytime soon...that is, give us at least a month or two!

  3. ugh. last month Nancy and i helped our friends move from Manhattan's Upper East Side to our neighborhood in Brooklyn. no elevators. just 8.5 hours of lugging. it was like running a marathon! we were so sore the next day.