Friday, September 09, 2005

Holy Water

Remember the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? (3/16 post) and the photos of water crystals at the subway station?

Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., is the main proponent behind the possibility of human intention altering the way water freezes, as demonstrated in this crystal that was exposed to prayer. Water, he says, responds with beauty or ugliness by what you expose it to. Hold that thought.

Switch gears to a stable, superoxidized water called Microcyn that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi without toxic effects on human cells. It's being used by doctors in Mexico on diabetic patients to heal longstanding, nonhealing ulcers, as well as peritonitis. In the USA it's only been approved thus far for topical use. But someday it may be as life-altering as penicillin.

Now, put these two thoughts together: the possibility of changing the structure of water (by our prayers and love) and developing it to kill pathogens on contact. Can you imagine doing this to the "sewaged" flood waters of New Orleans!

Granted, I'm not a chemist, doctor, or physicist. What do I know! But I suddenly want to see a miracle multiplied to the nth degree by such an incredible transformation from positive thought and energy. A gazillion such beautiful crystals to heal the New Orleans water!

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