Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Today I fly back to Atlanta, via Paris and NY. Donica follows on Friday. We return to our 160-year-old suburban city, Cumming, which was chartered in 1845.

In our Hannover apartment, there is a set of glasses from 1991 that commemorates the 750th anniversary of Hannover's charter in 1241. When I actually stop to think about it, it totally blows me away! This city we live in part of the year is now 764 years old!

My post yesterday was on a scaled-down model of Hannover's Marktkirche, clearly one of the city's best-known landmarks in it's old center. If you look carefully, that's the picture on this glass.

Perspective: whether in size or time, it can't help but make you sit up and take notice!

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