Friday, October 14, 2005

The Long, Circuitous Route

cir·cu·i·tous, adj.: having a circular or winding course.

If ever there were a route, it is now! Follow this, if you can:
  • Donica arrives home this evening from Hannover, Germany, after a short week.
  • We fly to Milwaukee at 8:20a tomorrow (at least we'll get to leave early enough to miss rush-hour traffic).
  • We pick up our rental car in Milwaukee to drive to Chicago for my sister's rehearsal dinner that evening and her wedding on Saturday (and a family reunion of sorts!).
  • On Sunday we drive back to Milwaukee for our 10:05a flight back to Atlanta.
  • We arrive in Atlanta at 1:06p and I have till 2:06p to make my next flight to Cincinnati on my way back to Germany (Donica has a couple more hours to make her flight to Barcelona, long enough to switch suitcases from the weekend to the 3-week Europe stint).
  • In Cincinnati I catch my flight to Paris.
  • Once in Paris the next morning (it's Monday then--are you still with me?) I catch my flight to Hannover, arriving at 4:10p their time (6 hours ahead of Atlanta).
  • Donica then joins me in Hannover the following Monday (though apart that first week, it does make it easier to be in the same time zone, believe it or not!).

Yes, yes, I know. There are simpler, easier ways to skin the cat! But when you're flying frequent-flier miles and the wedding trip was made long before the Germany trip, you just roll with the punches. You still won't hear me complain because I live for these trips back-n-forth to Germany. (Remember, I'm a glutton for punishment!)

Oh, and if you don't see me here for a couple days, you'll know why! Those long, circuitous paths!

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