Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good Grief!

Since I'm on this whacky Pumpkin Kick, what else to do but submit this Which Peanuts Character are You? found on a fellow blogger's site. I remember fondly all those times we watched the Peanuts Pumpkin Patch show on TV every Halloween when the kids were growing up.

I'm Sally (which actually seems to fit). Which one are you?


  1. I'm Schroeder, which doesn't seem to fit!

  2. My results seem to fit: I'm Marcie!

    "There is so much more to you than meets the eye! You're intelligent, sarcastic and practical. You are a loyal friend through thick and thin."

    6% of the population of test subjects fit this profile, so I might add "unique" to the list of attributes! Ha!!

  3. Yes, Donica, I agree. Marcie fits! And thanks for the reminder that it was The Great Pumpkin show on TV.

    Amy, I wonder if you waffled on any of the questions and if re-taking the test would give a better fit? However, you did once play the piano :)