Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hunting Eagle

You can imagine my pure, unadulterated delight this Thanksgiving when Nicholas greeted us at his house as Hunting Eagle. His Kindergarten teacher had made these shirts for all the kids and gave them each an Indian name. (Truth be known, Nicholas wanted to be Growling Dog, the name given to another student.)

That got me thinking about Indian Native American names and if I were Native American, what my name would be. Names like Dances With Wolves, Lives In the Woods, Keeper of the Gate, Talks While Walking, etc., would all definitely fit me. But my first impulse was Howls at the Moon. That is, after all, the wolf icon of this In Soul blog and has some "history" for me (wrestling with God!). That's why I wear this wolf-moon necklace (resting between howls) all the time. Hmm. I'll have to think about that. I do identify with the wolf and see it as my Spirit Guide.... (and I do like Dances With Wolves but Howls at the Moon may have to be it!)

Any idea what your Native American name would be?


  1. i didn't know that's what the wolf was symbolizing. very cool. thanks for sharing.

  2. And you want to be called Horny Toad, Nate? Oh my--way too funny!

  3. The racoon is my spiritual animal guide... YEP. He chose me, but that would be a long story... Sooo I would like my name to be Happy Racoon. *WOULD* I said. Cause I feel more like a Dark Dinosaur. But Dard Dinosaur is not an indian name. I think...

  4. Sounds like two stories worth hearing, MP :)