Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not Your Mother's War

This is the headline on the front page of Atlanta's weekend paper! Now hang onto that thought.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a grandmother known affectionately by her supporters as "Mama Ellen," has just been elected President of Liberia with final results due before November 23. If she wins, she would become Africa's first female elected head of state. Her supporters are already saying "She's our man!"

Like Angela Merkel in Germany, both of these women will have many hurdles to jump. It won't be an easy road ahead. However, there's something I hope for as more and more women enter politics: the possiblity of resolving conflict without war!

Years ago (in college?) I remember a discussion about what would happen if/when the governments of the world are equally run by women as men. Yes, we're talking about stereotypes here, but I think there IS something to be said for the fact that women are quicker to negotiate than to pick a war.

I try not to get too political here on my blog but some things just need to be said, as far as I'm concerned. So there, I've said it!


  1. I mostly agree with you. I'm sure that women would try to resolve problems by talking. But there are many women in our government and they can be as corrupted as the men. Power corrupts... But the world is changing. Not as rapidly as I would wish, but it's changing. Just to se a powerfull black women is sooo nice. I think there's hope for Humanity... Maybe in a couple of Centuries...

  2. Sigh. Let's hope it doesn't take that long, MP. Hopefully the Age of Aquarius will help to make us all a bit more "sisterly!"