Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rites of Fall

The almighty POMEGRANATE (Granatapfel)! In Germany, too, it has its own sticker, as in the States, which will get tattoed some day. But that's beside the point. The point is that it holds memory for me as one of the passages of this autumnal season!

This was a rare treat for Amy as she grew up. For some reason, she loved this mess! Once home from school, with clothes changed, she'd put on a big bib/towel and dig in. Her after-school snack.

So yesterday, in honor of that fond memory, dear Amy, I ate half of a pomegranate for you. The other half is for today, unless you somehow grab it first (which might be a wee difficult with you in Atlanta!).

Pray tell, how do normal people eat these things! Even with my apron on inside-out and being utmostly careful, I still splattered juice everywhere. Is there a special secret to how these things are eaten?! Or maybe they weren't meant to be eaten...just juiced! Could have fooled us.


  1. Good memories I have of eating these things. I ate a lot of them a long time ago and then stopped. And I don't know why. I'll buy one and see if I can figure that out :-)

  2. We have a pomegranate stain on our Scrabble board.

    Eating pomegranates AND playing Scrabble?? What were we thinking!


  3. Let me know what you find out,PG. I used a small paring knife today to gently cut/pry out the seeds and found it better than a spoon. It still splattered but not nearly as much.

    That stain, Ruth, is like our wrinkles and scars--just gives it character! :)

  4. Martha Stewart showed her technique for getting the pomegranate seeds out without getting the juice all over. It was not summarized on her website however. But google came up with this and it sounds very similar to her technique.

  5. Ted/Jane, if that was you, thanks for the Martha Stewart-like tip :)

    But doesn't putting the fruit in the water defeat the purpose if you also like the juice?

  6. We eat them by hand after slicing them into quarters. It's splatters. It stains. It's part of the fun. :)