Monday, November 28, 2005

Wake-Up Call

The only problem with looooong holiday weekends is that when Monday morning comes around and it's time to go to work, it's verrrrrry hard to wake up! (I'm speaking for everyone else, of course, since, yes, I'm still retired.)

Donica's mom collects roosters, so as we travel around, we pick up some interesting ones. I was practicing my macro shots the other day on this tiny critter from somewhere in Europe, sitting now on a window sill at her house. It reminds me of the rooster we hear ever so often from our Hannover apartment.

My favorite of all wake-up calls, I must say, is this wonderful depiction from somewhere in CyberSpace. I laugh hysterically every time I see it. How could you wake up grumpy with this alarm clock (that is, if you had earplugs in)!

Anyway, it's time to wake up now that we are definitely in the from-Thanksgiving-to-Christmas stretch. It gets shorter and shorter every year, doesn't it!


  1. What a cocky little rooster! I love the bright colours and the way his eye seems to be looking right at me.

    And that penguin alarm clock -- I am an easy riser but there have been some people in my life who would have really benefited from this little fella :-)

  2. Me, too, PG, on being an easy riser. I wake up with a "Thank you" on my lips and then hit the floor running.

    Btw, Donica says the rooster was found at the Amsterdam airport on one of her trips awhile back.

  3. Why do holidays make us so tired? Someone asked me if I was ready for work on Monday? And all I'm thinking is "work--what is that?"

  4. Actually, Margaret, I think it's a better kind of tired (depending on one's family situation, I guess). But we always used to say "We need a vacation now to rest from our vacation!"