Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Iceman Cometh

Indeed! Atlanta's first "annual" ice storm arrived last night and by 7a today had knocked out the power of some 100,000 0f us in North Georgia. Ours didn't come back on till late this afternoon. Two pine trees from our woods fell by the weight of the ice, I guess: one across our back yard, missing our house by 10 feet; the other across our driveway, leaving a nice challenge for getting in and out until the ole chainsaw comes out. Donica says that will be a fun job for her and Nicholas this weekend when he sleeps over.

In the meantime, how "rotic" (romantic without the 'man') to eat breakfast by candlelight. Like Christmas trees, candles also are quiet and calming. I should light them more often.

Shortly after dawn, I took this shot of the woods from our front door. After looking at it online, I was reminded of how much blue really is in water (which we especially noticed in 1999 when we saw the glaciers in Alaska). For whatever that's worth!

We feel most fortunate to have sustained minimal discomfort from this storm. Others, I'm sure, are still suffering, even as we speak. God have mercy on them all!


  1. My goodness - In my brain Atlanta and ice storms just don't compute. Shows how much I know about geography, I suppose. I'm glad you weren't inconvenienced too much.

    I often eat breakfast all by myself by candlelight - makes it so much more special.

  2. No, Christina. You're right with your geography! Snow/ice is such a rare instance for Atlanta that no equipment is avaliable to deal with it (except chainsaws!). A dusting of snow closes schools for the day. And natives don't know how to drive in it. Since I'm originally from Michigan, I know how to deal with it but am more worried about everyone else not knowing what to do. GET ME OUTTA HERE!