Monday, December 26, 2005

Vacation Mode

After a full and delightful Christmas celebration yesterday with Donica's family in south Atlanta, we fly this afternoon to spend a full week at the Hart Family Cottage in Michigan. The first few days we'll be alone for some nice R&R but come the New Year weekend, the tribe will descend and we'll celebrate my side of the family.

But alas, alack--NO INTERNET for my trusty little laptop! So I'll have to teach it how to rest and be patient. Or maybe it'll have to teach me? It's such a lifeline, you know.

I'll just busy myself with all the things I want to catch up on, like reading, poring over my camera settings and PhotoShop, working jigsaw puzzles, watching last season's "24," etc. We're even hoping for some snow! My best memory of the cottage in winter is walking around or ice skating on the frozen lake but I can't even remember when we've had a cold enough winter for that recently. (Sigh)

So, ciao for a week. Please don't forget about me! You can bet your bottom dollar I won't forget about you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Back at you on January 2, 2006.


  1. Miss You! And what a sooper-dooper photo :-)

  2. And now I can say:

    Welcome Back!

    Hope you had a peaceful relaxing time over the holidays and I wish you a happy new year Ginnie.

  3. Thank you, ladies! What a nice fan club! I feel warmly welcomed back :)