Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brrrr, It's COLD!

Not that I don't know cold, mind you! I did grow up in Michigan (before global warming!) and I also have memories of several conventions in Champaign-Urbana, IL, after Christmas when the winds would sweep off the plains and drive nails into your forehead. But that was a long time ago. Nineteen years in Atlanta has thinned my blood, to be sure.

So when I walked to the tram yesterday from Hannover's train station, I remembered what Cold is. Donica always said it was different here in Germany. Some of you know better than us. Is it a damper cold? What is it! At one point yesterday my sidebar temps said Atlanta was 67 °F / 19 °C and Hannover was 31 °F / 0 °C. (And you wonder why I think it's cold here!) That reminds me, btw, of some awesome tables Prairie Girl worked up in her post the other day, comparing weather in Hannover and Atlanta. Check them out.

The good news is that the sun is shining (yesterday and today) in all his delightful glory. I take note of that because lately I have read blog after blog bemoaning the gray skies.

Anyway, I looked through my Hannover photos and found the one above that I took this past October at the INFA expo (information and services from 40 nations). Something that reminds me of the sun instead of the cold! (Well, it also reminds me of the wind but we won't go there.)

So wherever you are today, be warm and cozy.


  1. Have a nice stay here in Germany :-)


  2. Well I find the cold much different here than what I was used to in Vancouver. It does seem damper (meaning more humid, I guess?) to me, even though I grew up beside the ocean! And the wind - brrrr! But the sun WAS shining today and that was a Good Thing. I believe I shall survive the winter with all my toes intact.

    (I'll be e mailing ya shortly!)

  3. Thanks, KPK. I always do!

    Yes, Christina, I think that's what it is--damp cold! It goes straight to the bone.

  4. What a lovely photo!

    You got sun today? Really? We had 5 minutes of weak (but once again golden) light at about 9:30am. After that it was windy and very gray and then it rained.

    I sure hope the weather picks up at least while you're here -- this has got to be a shock for you (after reading about the weather in Georgia)!

  5. i know how that blood-thinning aclimatizing thing goes, albeit to a lesser degree (pun). here in NYC it's a few degrees warmer than what i grew up in (in MI). when i go back home, i am chilled to the bone!

  6. PG, the sun only lasted till about noon yesterday and then we, too, got some sprinkles. Today it's gray again. So who knows, maybe I brought the sun with me from Atlanta for a few hours :)

    And Nate, I'm quite sure Holland (home) is a different cold than NYC! More btu's in NYC with all those people :)

  7. We have sun today and it's supposed to reach 55! Not bad for January in MI. After so many weeks of gloom we're all talking about the happiness the sun brings.

    (Of course we Michiganders always talk about the weather like it's a family member.)


  8. Oh, but it is a family member, Ruth. His name is Sun! We really miss him when he's not around :)

    You're right, though. 55 in Michigan in January has got to feel downright HOT!