Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Going, Going, Gone

This hubcap has been sitting out on our street here in Hannover for almost a week now. It first was on the sidewalk by the curb and later was moved by someone to this basement well on the other side of the walk. There it sits, day after day. If this were America, it would have been gone within the hour! You snooze, you lose. Your trash, my treasure. Someone would have wanted it for something.

The problem is, what car does it go to? It looks like the word on the cap is Tytan. You try doing a search for it and see what you come up with! Is it the name of a car or what? And if a car, who makes it? Don't ask me why but I wonder if it's from the Czech Republic? Surely it's not from this snazzy car! (Click on See Image Alone or scroll down to the yellow beauty.) Someone please help me out here!

Anyway, if you want it and it's still there when I go back, it's yours! (But for a price!)


  1. It sure is not mine, I don't even have a car! I can't believe it's still there. Here in Québec, even ME should take it! You never know what you can do with something like that... maybe a flower pot?

  2. Clo, you are a piece of work! I love it. :)

  3. Hi Ginnie,

    Hey, I didn't realize you were in Germany now! I'm really enjoying your dispatches from there. The hubcap photo is an excellent photo, BTW

    Best regards,

  4. Thanks, Steve. That means a lot. Yes, we're in Germany until Friday the 3rd--almost a month this time, which is unusual. Most of the time it's for 2-3 weeks at any one time.