Monday, January 16, 2006

Icy Cold but Sunny!

From everything I'm reading, it's gray and cloudy here and there and everywhere. Everywhere, that is, where we assume it's Winter, like in the States, Canada and Europe. So when the sun shines, we really make a big deal about it, don't we!

Today I took a walk and looked up--high up--and saw this delightful sight:

Then I looked down and saw ice and frost everywhere. And this was at close to high noon!

Lots and lots of sun today but not the kind that defrosts you. The kind that makes you smile to be alive. The kind that cheers you up and makes you remember that Spring does indeed follow Winter. The kind that makes you want to share it generously with everyone who needs and wants it, even if only figuratively!

SEE! W I N T E R comes, to rule the varied Year,
Sullen, and sad; with all his rising Train,
Vapours, and Clouds, and Storms: Be these my Theme,
These, that exalt the Soul to solemn Thought,
And heavenly musing. Welcome kindred Glooms!
Wish'd, wint'ry, Horrors, hail!---With frequent Foot,
Pleas'd, have I, in my cheerful Morn of Life,
When, nurs'd by careless Solitude, I liv'd,
And sung of Nature with unceasing Joy,
Pleas'd, have I wander'd thro' your rough Domains;
Trod the pure, virgin, Snows, my self as pure:
Heard the Winds roar, and the big Torrent burst:
Or seen the deep, fermenting, Tempest brew'd,
In the red, evening, Sky.— Thus pass'd the Time,
Till, thro' the opening, Chambers of the South,
Look'd out the joyous Spring, look'd out, and smil'd.
[from Winter: A Poem, by James Thomson, 1726]

So, what else do you expect from Winter!


  1. I like your frost images. Interesting to see that you took also a shot of frozen leaves as I did some days ago (hint, hint ):-)

  2. Oh yes, KPK. I'm quite sure I got that idea from you...and the ice idea from PG. I took some pics the other day of leaves in ice, an idea from my daily online jigsaw puzzle. It all does feel a bit like plagarism, doesn't it! One way to look at it is that you obviously had a good idea :)

  3. The pic of the leaves is my favorite!

  4. Awwwww. Amy, that actually surprises me, not that I would have known otherwise what you'd pick. I learn something new about you every day :)

  5. Those pics are beautiful, and your text is calming (pacifying?), we feel the sun, the fresh air: Ginnie, your writing is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Awww, shucks, Clo; you're so sweet. Thanks for your kind words!