Monday, February 06, 2006

I HEART HART Latte Macchiato

First, I must say I am not a coffee drinker. Well, let me rephrase that: I am not a CAFFEINE drinker. Coffee, pop or whatever.

Up until last year (read Germany), I was a "fetish" decaf drinker of Caffe D'Vita's Irish Cream 99.7% caffeine-free instant coffee. In fact, I buy a case of 6 canisters 2 times a year and drink a thermal mug of it every morning with breakfast. I actually ration it out like that, with one canister lasting a month. If you can be addicted to decaf, I'm addicted. But it's THIS decaf and THIS flavor I'm addicted to (and all it's ungodly additives, I'm sure). For years.

Now, fast forward to Germany this past year and being introduced to real coffee!

I'm now addicted to Latte Macchiato (ask Christina!), both caffeine and decaf. It's everything about it: the glass it comes in (as varied as the different places we go), the color, the steamed milk, the foam, the bubbles. I can't get enough of it. And I treat it as my last-dying friend. In fact, our last night in Hannover we drink it with our traditional "good-bye" ice cream from our neighborhood Eiscafe. And if we have a wait, we drink it at the airport before our flight. Ahhh. A new addiction (no, I haven't given up my Caffe D'Vita).

Wouldn't you know, speaking of the airport, last Friday the nice lady added this heart to my glass. I was starting to stir it up before it caught my attention. Actually, Donica mentioned it first, and I realized this was a photo waiting to happen.

Yes, indeed. I HART latte macchiato. What a simple pleasure. May it live forever!


  1. I'm a caffiene junkie, I looove my coffee!! I haven't tried Latte Macchiato though...on my to do list :)

  2. What a great post!

    Coincidentally this year I gave up caffeine. I mean I still drink coffee every morning but now it's decaffenated.

    Okay, so I lied. Whenever I go to the local cafe I need not even give my order to the waiter. He knows what to bring me. Latte macchiato -- my lieblingskaffee :-)

  3. Lovely heart!

    I also usually stick to decaf (I heard somewhere that one CAN actually become addicted to decaf - go figure), but once in a while will indulge in 'real' coffee and the Latte Macchiatos we had were just great.

    I love your "goodbye" ritual. Very comforting, I bet.

  4. Ruth: Amazingly, it IS awesome, for so simple a pleasure!

    Dreamwalker: Definitely try it. It'll make a believer outta you :)

    PG: Well, I try NOT to have the caffeinated latte but sometimes it's not worth all the explaining in English/German/gestures to get them to understand. Besides, it's really not the German way, so when in Rome....

    I figure that once in a blue moon isn't gonna kill me!

    Christina: I will always remember our Latte Macchiatos! It was a friendship "ritual," I think.

    And yes, those "good-bye" rituals are very comforting indeed. I have done them alone (when Donica was elsewhere) with tears in my eyes. Seriously.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm..I am reminded of my long love affair with Starbuck's Frappacinos.

    Sadly, diabetes, came between us. But I still remember them oh so fondly.

  6. Lovely post Ginnie. Nothing like a Latte Macchiato! BTW, I've seen those stencils for different designs on Capuccino/Latte Macchiato in stores before. Interested? :-)

  7. Mr. Fab: Don't even get me started on Starbucks! A new one was built near us last year and it, too, is one of our weaknesses!I'm guessing our German Latte Macchiatos are much better for us. So sorry about the diabetes!

    CS: Stencils, huh! Hmm. That could definitely pique my interest. But then I'd want to buy specialty glasses to go with them, of course. But just for the halibut, sure! I just checked eBay and found some Parker "Latte Macchiato" fountain pens from France, and 2 LM coffee mugs from a suburb near us here in Atlanta (what a small world!).

  8. so very cool! It makes me want one right now!

  9. HA, KPK! I think a whole bunch of us just need to get together and go drink a Latte Macchiato or two!