Sunday, March 05, 2006

The FABULOUS Teddy Bear

True to the plans of mice and men, it happened! I met my second Neighborhood blogger (Christina in Hannover was my first this past January). I drove down to the Life South Community Blood Center 30 miles south of home yesterday morning and spent almost an hour and a half with Mr. Fabulous. THE Mr. Fabulous. Mr. Teddy-Bear Fab.

If you've been to his Pointless Drivel blog, you don't need me to say a thing. He speaks plenty well enough for himself. So for now, let me just tell you in pictures who he is (yes, all with his gracious permission). All that sarcastic humor that drips from his posts is but the veneer of his cuddly personality. But we all knew that, didn't we!

Does he look like a Brad? Well, he is. I have to laugh at myself every time I find out the "real" name of bloggers. It's a shock every time. He's not Brad; he's Mr. Fab. You know what I mean. You always knew I was Ginnie or that Christina was Christina. You weren't shocked at our names. But Brad?

He works for Life South in Florida and drove to Atlanta's branch for the blood drive here. But that's his story. I met Judy who works here and whom he supervises. And lots of other very nice folk from Atlanta who volunteered their help for the day.

One of them took these two pictures of Brad and me together on my camera but I didn't know they were out of focus till I got home. At first I was going to give them to the bad-photo gods but the more I thought about it, the more apropos they seemed to be for how wacky a great guy he is. Can't you just tell how fun it was!

So, now I have to sober up and think about flying to Hannover, Germany, later tonight! HA. Donica's already there waiting for me. Actually, I can hardly wait. Right now the plan is to be there till the 18th, not quite 2 weeks from now. I'll miss the Oscars tonight (boo-hoo), one of my favorite shows of the year because of all the movies we see all year long. But the reason for missing them is worth it. I'll catch up on all the goodies tomorrow....

See you soon, from Germany. Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Yea!!!! You got pictures with Mr. Fab!


    I want to meet him when he comes to Dothan.

    Have a great time in Germany!

    And you're totally right, the two "out of focus" pics tells a LOT! Glad you put those!
    It's great to be able to put an face on the people we met on blogger!
    And the fact that you're calling him "Teddy Bear"... well it fits so much to him, and to what I was feeling he was. MY GOD! He's sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuute!

    Thank you VERY much for sharing this with us, and have a wonderfull trip in Germany!

    Hey! That makes my day!

  3. BP: So now I know how you found me! Yup; just a big ole pussy cat--oops--I mean teddy bear.

    Clo: It DOES fit, doesn't it! Yes, what a cute teddy bear. So glad I could make your day :)

  4. Glad you had a good time with Mr. Fab. Now, it's time for you to get on that plane and head to Germany!

  5. Thats' a small world , Ginnie !!
    I'm envious from Cristina-beautifull-eyes & The Fabulous Teddy Bear...
    I hope meet you in Barcelona some day :o
    Bye for now.

  6. The out of focus pictures are GREAT! So much energy there.

    I would never have guessed that Mr. Fabulous was a Brad. Very cuddly indeed! :-)

  7. It sounds and looks like the two of you had a great visit. And I like the pictures just the way they are.

  8. Mr. Fab looks just like a Mr. Fab! I love these pictures of the two of you!

  9. Too (two) fabulous!!!! C'est fantastique! Bon Voyage Ginnie !

  10. Wait a minute...I'm BALD? Why didn't anyone say anything?

    I look HORRIBLE in these pictures. I'm not that fat! Why do I look so pasty? I'm all bloated and blotchy...

    That's it. Back on the exercise bandwagon, time for a facial, and I better start tanning.

    And the hair...well, actually I think I need a haircut.

    I think Jody took these pictures. I am so gonna kick his Pagan ass LOL.

    It was AWESOME meeting you, Ginnie! Your depth and soul make me feel like a clown :)

    I'll be sending you that birth information so you can figure out what makes me tick!

  11. I hadn't been over to Pointless Drivel before...great blog, very amusing - he obviously has a wonderful sense of humour. Your pics are great!

    Have a good flight.

  12. I LOVE Mr Brad...oups Fab... :o) And you two seem to have a hell of a good time. He really LOOKS like a Teddy Bear...And like my sis said.... soooo cuuuute! Thanks for showing that to us, dear Ginnie! Now when I will read his blog... I will also be able to imagine him writing it.. LOL! And MR FAB... A haircut?????? DUUUUHHHH!!!! :o)

  13. To all of you, old and new alike, THANK YOU for your bon-voyage wishes. I did make it safe-n-sound to Hannover without incident.

    And so glad you liked my post on Mr. Fab! What a wonderful memory with him. It's so very nice to meet up with fellow bloggers. 2 for 2 thus far :) I'm quite sure it'll happen again with someone else. Who will it be?

  14. Ginnie, I've never known ANYone who connects at the human level more than you. Lucky for both of you to meet each other. Wow, there is SO much humor in Mr. Fab's expressions. Thanks for the introduction.

  15. Mr. Fabulous, indeed! He could even use his Maine name...Mr Wicked Fabulous. Heh heh

  16. Ruth: You're kind to say that! Once we accept each other for who we are, ourselves included, it's hard not to love people! Mr. Fab is one funny man.

    Jeff: The wicked part of Mr. Fab is definitely part of his humor!

  17. Blogger has been playing a bit crazy lately, so I had trouble commenting on many blogs (even my own!) Ugh!

    I just came back from the region of Lausanne (business) with a terrible flu keeping me at home. The good thing is that I can finally take the time to pick up on all your wonderful stories :-). Mr. Fab (always liked his Tiger icon) looks like load of fun and a real sweet teddy bear. Pitty you're not closer to Basel, but Orange is in Germany right now (in Prta Westfalica) about 40 km away from you! Is Donica palnning any trips further down south, where you could accompany her?

  18. Awww. What a sweet thought, CS. No trips for Donica south yet but we may decide to take a vacation in the near future (within a year?). We went to Salzburg, Austria, last year. We definitely want to visit Switzerland some day. If we do, you'll be the first to know :)