Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My "BAD Bad Bad Bad" Good Update

Remember 3 weeks ago when I told you my BAD cholesterol was really bad! I had new blood work done yesterday and my report today has got me shouting from the rooftops:

My overall cholesterol THEN was 268; NOW it's 153.
My BAD cholesterol THEN was 180; NOW it's 63.

So clearly the med is doing it's job. I found out my doctor, who's basically my size and as health aware, also has the same issue: a genetic disposition to high cholesterol. So she understands and was quick on the solution.

That was Then, this is Now. Yaaaaaaaay!


  1. That is good news worthy of a celebration. It's great to make health strides like that.

  2. That is FANTASTIC !! I am so relieved to hear that :D

  3. congrats ginnie. I bet that is a total relief. But make sure you don't let your guard down! I hope you can keep it up for many decades to come. :)

  4. Whooo hooo!!! Yay you!! That's gotta be a great big relief, keep it up...or i should say, down. :)

  5. Excellent news, Ginnie! Those levels look great. So good that your doctor is on the ball with these things.

  6. That's wonderful news, Ginnie. Keep it up! :-)


    Now, when you go shouting from the rooftops, how do you do it? I would think it would be very arduous and time consuming.

    I picutre you going from house to house with a large ladder, asking the permission of each homeowner to climb up on their roof, make your declaration, and then move on to the next house.

    How do you know you've shouted from enough rooftops? Do you do the whole street? The neighborhood? Every house in the zip code?

    Just wondering...

  8. Tim: Health strides is right! I couldn't believe that big of a change in so short of a time!

    DW: Thanks for your relief. I feel it on the other side of the world :)

    ET: Are you kidding?! I'm one of those persons who makes other people sick by being so careful about my health. I told the nurse yesterday that I have this "disposition" to keep me humble :)

    Madretz: HA! That reminds me of a word game with "UP" that I might have to post sometime. Thanks.

    Christina: I love my new doctor and this makes me like her that much more!

    CS: Thanks! I plan to do everything right to maintain equilibrium!

    Mr. Fab: Actually, this is how I did it (in true House of Flying Daggers form): I only had to climb one of our trees and then I just swayed and jumped off the trees, bouncing off the rooftops all around. It was fast, just like a speeding bullet. I've really gotten good at in in my exercise routine to keep down my cholesterol. Try it sometime! (Aren't you glad you asked!)

  9. This is good news :-)! I hope you won't take a Black Forest Cake to celebrate ;-)!

  10. Mei: No cake of any kind for me :) I rarely eat dessert (except for ice cream!) and never even make it. Just fruit cups :) But if you served it to me, I'd definitely eat a few bites (or more)!

    Ruth: Indeed!!

  11. Excellent! Glad to hear things are better, and hope they stay that way!

  12. Thanks, Lisa. I definitely plan to keep things under control!