Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cirque du Soleil's DELIRIUM

Last week Donica and I celebrated our 8th commitment-anniversary together (tomorrow--but my dad's Memoriam is reserved for then), by going to Cirque du Soleil's "Delirium." There's no way in the world I can do it justice by my words or photos. So the simplest thing to say, after all is said and done, is GO, if you ever have a chance.

If you've been to any of C du S's past productions, I don't need to tell you that they cannot be compared to anything you've ever seen before. Unique is a word that totally fits them.

This particular show is not like the tradional Cirque show in that it's in an arena (not in their trademark Big Top tent) and stays for only two days instead of the usual several weeks. While it still has acrobatic feats, it's more a "multimedia/theatrical production that features remixes of existing Cirque music and reinterpretations of performances."

The story of sorts is about a man (main character) who clings to his Ego, wandering from one world to the next, seeking his identity in a journey where he meets myriad characters and cultures. His journey attempts to answer 3 questions:

  • How can we live in a world that is contantly changing before our very eyes?
  • How can we keep our feet on the ground and our head in the stars?
  • How can we open our eyes to the world around us and reconnect to our reality?

What's hardest to explain about the show is the use of see-through screens/veils that allow for layers of multimedia shows at different times against the live-action show. There can be scenes that appear to be under water, for instance. Or, as in this photo below, hands reaching out. At one point, two huge hands actually appeared to be pulling back the "curtains." The mix of theater, dance, music and media has been specially designed to show that Delirium is a pursuit of balance in a world that is out of touch with reality. Talk about timely!

The grand finale was the "Alegria" theme song, which is probably my favorite of all their shows. Alegria (JOY) indeed! Nothing but PURE Alegria! Reality, journey, energy, heartbeat, fusion of the dimensions, inspiration. And ALEGRIA! Never forget the Alegria!

Circus of the Sun! DELIRIUM. Does the main character ever let go of his Ego? Hmm. Now that wouldn't be very nice of me to tell, would it!


  1. very very cool! I love the pics. IT makes me think of blue man group. That was the last production I saw which was back in 2000 or 2001... Not sure, but I know it was before I did my whirlwind of travels. :)

  2. I LOVE Cirque du Soleil! I haven't been fortunate enough to see them live, but I've watched the DVDs. Magical!!

    Great pictures, did you take them?

  3. ET: We LOVE the Blue Man Group. Another incredible show!

    DW: Magical indeed. I think we have 4 of the DVDs to watch whenever we get the urge.

    Slap my hand but YES, I took the pics! Our tickets said "No cameras/recorders" but once inside they said the reason was so as not to distract the concentration of the performers. So in the Spirit of the Law, I turned off my flash and sound and snapped these few. God knows I would never use them for profit!

  4. I just love CdS. I've seen Allegria, Mystère, Quidam, Saltimbanco and "O". I would love to add Delirium to my CdS experiences! My favourite up to now was "O". Not only because a very good friend of mine (Roxane Potvin) is the leading voice, but a show in a "pool" simply took my breath away.

  5. Oh this looks wonder-full! I've seen the tent show in Amsterdam and it was great but this looks even more magical!
    Alegria! Alegria! (Shout it out--it makes you joy-full!)

  6. What great pictures! You're making want to go out and get some DVDs so I can enjoy this beauty at home.

  7. CS: We so much would love to see "O" but I guess it's only in Vegas, right!?! How neat that you have a good friend in it. Donica has definitely oohed and aahed over that production, Maybe some day. Hmm. Wonder if they have THAT on DVD?

    TO: So glad you know what I'm talking about!!! And in Amsterdam? Wow. How neat.

    Dixie: Definitely see any of the shows if you can get hold of them. I love the thread of humor that goes throughout each production.

  8. Ha! Le Cirque du Soleil!
    Of course I know them, they originally are from Montréal! I saw them of TV many times, because here there is TVshows about them very often, but I never did go see them for real... shame on me!

    One important thing that the Cirque du Soleil did is that here, in Québec, there is more people interresting in working in a circus. In my neighbourhood, there is, in an ancient church, a school of circus (L'École du Cirque). The best friend of my daughter, her father is a clown and going to that school!

    Well, guess what? I made a research and I have found a web-site with him!!! You'll see it here!

    Oh! and Ginnie, your pics are fabulous! Glad you did it and became a criminal... ;O)

  9. All I can say is, "ALEGRIA" indeed! This was a multi-media event not to be forgotten. I have sent a message to CdS asking if they will release a DVD of this show since it was only available for a very limited performance in each city. Will keep you posted on the response. I also noticed on their website that they don't intend to release DVDs of the LasVegas shows. Maybe after they stop performing the show live they will see the opportunity for profit in DVDs.

    All I can say is....if you have the chance, GO!! (don't worry about which seats to buy....with the arrangement you will be able to see from any seat---just take a pair of binocs if you want to see the costume detail.


  10. Clo is right about the TV shows here. I can even tell you that one of their VP (the one who relates to computer science) finished university at the same time I did. We were in the same class. I attended once one of her conference on the matter.
    I have seen some of their shows. They are fabulous! I am very proud that this circus enterprise comes from other Quebecers.

    I am happy both of you enjoyed the show :-)

  11. Clo: I am so thrilled that you Canadians can lay claim to this incredible group. You should be VERY proud! And I love that you, CS and Mei all know people connected to them. How fun. Now I feel connected through you!

    Yes, you can call me a Criminal with a capital C. Guilty as charged!

    Donica: Thank you so much for doing all the homework for us. I know you'll let us know what you find out. And thank you again for such an incredible anniversary gift. I love you!

    Mei: You Quebecers are something else! You should be very proud, as I told Clo.

  12. This is the perfect illustration of the sentence: Sometimes, the rules are there to be disobey! As photographers, we have to respects certains rules, as you did here in putting your flash off.

    For me, I have to say that I do love to disobey those rules, and I did it many times, and I'm glad I did it. And I say it again, I'm very glad you did it too because those pics are really fabulous!

  13. Thanks for the CdS reminder. I hope to see their European show later the year.

  14. That's right Ginnie, "O" can only be seen in Vegas. Actually, the theater at the Bellagio Hotel was built especially for this particular show. And Donica's right, they haven't produced any DVD (and most likely won't) of the show. :-(

  15. Clo: Now I feel much better, knowing I'm in good company :) Thanks.

    KPK: Which show will it be, Peter? Do you know? And when? And where? Maybe we'll be in Germany then. Wouldn't THAT be fun--CdS in Germany!

    CS: Hmm. Maybe if they ever retire the show in Vegas they'll release a DVD? But when will THAT be! Just think of all the people who want to see it but can't!!!

  16. Those pictures are amazing! I would love to take Swede sometime- it's so expensive! But I know he would love it! Congrats!

  17. Rachel: Maybe one of these years you can just do it! It will be definitely worth the money.

    Tim: Thanks.