Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lilies of the Field

Yes, I'm still on this yard/nature kick. It happens every Spring, doesn't it, when we all start gravitating outdoors!

While I've been posting about our front yard and the monkey grass, for some reason, I have been more aware of our BACK yard--the yard that's not in the woods but isn't pampered, just mowed. Almost au natural! It's had a ground-cover for a week or more of these purple-bluish flowers (you may need to click on image to enlarge). I haven't a clue what they're called but before long they will be gone and the yard will resort to the run-off slopes of mostly Georgia clay with tuffs of grass hanging on for dear life.

If you look carefully behind the row of pine trees (again, you may need to enlarge image) you can see the natural pond that borders 4 of our neighborhood homes. I don't like to say we are part owners of it because I don't feel like we really "own" any of this land. I especially feel that way knowing Native Americans once roamed these woods and supposedly caught many a fish in that pond. Somehow it still belongs to them, even if they aren't here any more. Their Spirits are. Maybe some day we will have a little dock built so that Nicholas and G'ma can go fishing. And the day we find an arrowhead will be the frosting on the cake!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy these flowers while they last. These are hugging a birch tree we planted several years ago (one of my favorite trees in the whole world), along with 4 maples and one weeping willow we planted here-n-there. Especially in the back yard we need root systems that can keep the soil/clay in place. We're so thankful they didn't rape our land when they built our house, like so many of the subdivisions we see around us. It pains me to see what happens in the name of progress and population growth.

While I look at these flowers, I'm reminded that if they are taken care of, how much more are we: “Why take ye thought for clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” (Jesus, from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6:28-29)


  1. Hey, I used to go pick those purple flowers for my mother. I don't recall ever seeing them in Europe, though.

  2. Did not have the time to come here for some days! Always nice to see that you can talk about things with such poetry! Nice pics and nice text, deat Ginnie!

  3. CS: Aww. What a sweet memory. Do you know what they're called? I'm sure most people would think of them as weeds, kinda like dandelions. But not me!

    MP: Thanks! You're sweet.

  4. Neat flowers and neat comment against worrying about our needs.

  5. I love this photo Ginnie -- the colour, the peeling bark, the light. All of it.

  6. Hi Ginnie!
    I took out my tiny (but handy) book of Wild Flowers and looked it up for you. I think these are "Common Dog Violets". Here's a link to one site

  7. Tim: Yes and Yes!

    PG: Thanks, and welcome back :)

    TO: I think you found it! Hurray. Common dog violets! Yes, I DID think they were wild violets but wasn't sure. You're so good, Kim. Thanks.

  8. Violets, yes! I thought they looked familiar so I just went outside to pluck off a leaf to compare it to your picture. Ours aren't in bloom yet but will be soon. I guess they must have been here when we moved in almost 11 years ago and they seem to come and go as they please. So, so pretty.

  9. oh how wonderful! I lovae the blue on the grass and the flowers all over the place. I'm hoping to get in a few photos today.... Not sure If I'll be in the mood.

  10. Christina: Don't we just love it when we can call things by name! I actually think there's another creeper in the mix--maybe a wild strawberry leaf or two. But I'm sure you got the right leaf, knowing you :)

    ET: And knowing YOU, you'll get into the mood :)

  11. Beautiful. Don't apologize for focusing on your yard. Everywhere I look outside I want to snap photos.

  12. Thanks, Ruth. Or as Amy would say, it's my blog and I can post whatever I want :)