Monday, May 15, 2006

Daddy on Mother's Day

Yesterday for Mother's Day we drove down to south Atlanta to spend the afternoon with Donica's mom, aunt and cousins at one of their houses on Swan Lake. We had celebrated with my kids and Nicholas on Saturday.

Did you know that a mommy-daddy pair of swans on a small lake can keep down the geese population! Sam(antha) told me that as she took me around their lake in a bass boat. This is Mommy Swan, watching over her recently-hatched chicks (somewhere out of the picture), cozily protected on one of the many little islands dotting the lake. The lake association actually put up a fenced area for further protection, asking people to please not disturb them (with a sun-bleached flimsy sign).

All the while, Daddy Swan was nearby out on the lake gracefully swanning about UNTIL anyone got close enough to get his attention. As soon as we got too close, he went into attack mode and started after us at a good 100 mph clip!

And I was thinking, if all daddies everywhere were so protective of the mommies and their babies, would we not be a better, more civilized world!

[Both pics were taken with my new Canon PowerShot S3 IS camera at 12x optical zoom. I was NOT as close as it appears!]


  1. OMIGOD right back at ya!
    I LOVE that attacking swan!

  2. that second shot is incredible! Wow - the blue the form of the swan... Oh I love the new camera! And the photographer behind it. ;-)

  3. SLP: Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

    TO: HA. Well, I definitely learned something about an attacking male swan: all tightened up in his aerodynamic tank-like stance. I wonder if at the last second his beak/bill would be a projectile of attack!

    ET: You're a sweetheart! Thank you!

  4. Holy cow, he's really motoring! Yikes!

  5. Woo! That swan is geared up to kick some booty!

    Great photo!

  6. I have never seen a bird do that! Great photos.

  7. Great photo!! Congrats on the new camera...I looked it up, very impressed :) Is it the beautiful gunmetal gray one?

    21 February, 2006: Canon today announces the release of the 12x optical zoom PowerShot S3 IS. Successor to the popular PowerShot S2 IS, the latest addition to the PowerShot S-series incorporates a 6.0 Megapixel CCD sensor...

  8. Mr. Fab: I know!

    Dixie: Ha Ha. OURS! Thanks.

    Ruth: Weird, isn't it.

    DW: No, it's black. Don't know if it comes in any other color?? I sure am liking it!

  9. Mine is gray! But it's the S2IS... Only 5 megapixels... Mwhahahahaha! And WOW for the daddy swan! Almost frightening! But such a beautiful bird!

  10. "if all daddies everywhere were so protective of the mommies and their babies, would we not be a better, more civilized world!"

    Absolutely! What a great picture. Just look at him picking up speed there. I've had a few experiences with swans so I know what they're like.

  11. I find too the male swan as impressive. I would like to have him as bodyguard

  12. MP: My understanding is that 5mp is the most anyone would ever need, unless you're into printing very large prints, and I'm not! Yes, that was one daddy swan. If I hadn't been taking pics, I'm sure I would have been "frightened."

    Christina: I had another pic of his wake but it was from farther away, so I decided not to use it. I couldn't believe how fast he was--my FIRST experience.

    Mei: Yes, a bodyguard indeed!

  13. So funny! That daddy swan just remind me of my passed away husband! LOL

    Oh, and that pic is just so good, it must be in the National Geographic Magazine! (I love that magazine, they have just great photos in it!) :O)

  14. Clo, you really ARE way too funny. And I bet your deceased husband has a big smile on his face.

    You are way too flattering about that photo, however! (But I'll accept the compliment nonetheless :)

  15. That last picture is unique. I don't think I ever quite saw a swan picture like that before.