Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Old Is She?

First of all, Happy Birthday to Susan (my sister), Bill (my ex-husband) and Christina (my blogger friend here in Hannover)!!! What is it with May 25?! And yes, I already know how old they all are.

(Photo taken 4/24/06)

But this fair lady in our nearby Tiergarten: how old is she? Guess. The sign says she's 500 years old. BUT, she's not! Uschi (our landlady) says they've since (since the sign, that is) "discovered" that she's actually 640 years old. That means that she, like Susan and Bill and Christina (and Lisa--whose birthday was a couple days ago, MerlinPrincesse, my MIL, Tim--yesterday's child, DreamWalker--the day before mine), is a true Gemini--looking younger than she is. (I'm glad to say that's also been said of me all my life, so it must be true!)

So, will all the real Gemini* please stand up and be counted. Happy Birthday season is HERE!

[* The dictionary says that "Gemini" is already plural (but of course--The Twins) but it sure doesn't sound right, does it! Learn something new every day.]


  1. Hi Ginnie, YEAH it looks like i might be the first to comment :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Susan, Bill and Christina.

    Have to hurry with the comment because i don't want someone to beat me to it :)

    Best wishes from Switzerland

  2. Happy Birthday to everybody!!!!!

    I am partially part of this jolly bunch of Geminis. My ascendant is and my sign, Leo, is in the third house (corresponds to the Gemini)

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday to Mom and Uncle Bill (I had forgotten Amy and I shared parents with the same b'day, which is kind of funny with our own days only 10 days apart...well, 6 years +10 days :)

    Our birthday season begins with Laura on July 23, and this year is a doozy. Within a 10 week period, the following happens:
    Laura - 13, Emma - 16, Katy - 18, Emily (Garland's daughter) - 25, Shari - 40, Garland, 50!

  4. Neil: You were first, indeed! Thanks for your best wishes from Switzerland!

    Mei: Gemini by any other name :)

    Mrs. M/Shari: Oh my! You DO have a doozy coming up!! You know what's so funny--I never knew your mom OR Bill were Gemini till only a few years ago. And when I found out, I was shocked. Each sign is divided into 3
    , however, and have different governing powers, so that's why they seem so "different" from me :)

  5. Happy birthday everyone! I've always had a special connection to Gemini (my ex, my 2 best friends in Canada, and of course, to you) :-)

  6. Thank you so much! Amazing how many may birthdays there are. It was my dad's on Sunday as well.

    It just fascinates me that a tree can grow to be so old. Just imagine what "she" has experienced in her lifetime and the stories she could tell.

    And you're absolutely right about "Gemini" already being plural. I forgot about it and will have to go back and change that.

  7. Happy Birthday everyone! I know a little 10 year old who's birthday is today also - yes the 25th! She is 10. I told her she needed to be a big girl now and no excuses with eluding us...

    That tree is amazing....

  8. CS: We do like our "connections!" :)

    Christina: So, happy birthday to your dad as well! I wonder if the tree is as old as she feels :)

    ET: Another May the 25th! Man--they keep coming!

  9. Happy Birthday Gemini!!! *<(:0)

    Woo hoo!

  10. According to The American Heritage Dictionary "pl. Gem·i·nis"? Don't ask me :) Love that tree!!! (It is almost as old as I am..heh heh)

    I will say a collective Happy Birthday! to all those other Geminis out there in Bloggerville. Have a great month you chatterboxes :)

  11. Well, Ginnie, thank you for all the happy birthdays and a happy birthday to all. :)

    I love that tree with all its twists and majesty of age.

  12. Happy Birthtday to all! I'm glad to be a part of the great Gemini Family. And BTW, dear, YOU are a Gemini too.... I don't remember when your birthday is (Bad MP) But Happy Birthday to you tooooo! (Belated or in advance) :)Happy Birthday dear Ginnie *singing* Happyyyyy Birtdayyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuuuu! :)

  13. Wow, Happy Birthday- it was also Swede's daughter, Zabrina's and his father, Woody's birthday on May 25th! What is it with that day?