Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our Animal Guides

In yesterday's post I mentioned (under Agate) that the Turtle is Donica's Animal Guide. I have talked about mine before (the Wolf) but not hers.

Donica is park Cherokee, and thus keys into Native American spirituality that is so soulful to me. It has been important to me to surround myself with both hers and my Guides, as a reminder of where we're coming from and where we're going.

The key word for Turtle is Protection: "Many tribal creation stories say that earth was born on the back of Turtle. Since it carries its home on its back, it has also been recognized as having the ability to "manage" in difficult circumstances." So very Donica, whether at home or at work!

Interestingly, Donica is a Cancer sign, which is the sign of the mother and home (portrayed as the crab, also with the soft body and hard outer shell!). When the Turtle became her guide back in high school, it really WAS her guide, unbenownst to her at the time. She just collected them and liked them.

There's something to be said for studying Nature and learning from it. I don't do it often enough or when I do, I don't always just sit and listen. I'm too busy with my camera in hand! But when I do stop and listen, I feel transported to another world.

So now I wonder what YOUR animal guide is! Have you sensed that you respond to one more than another? Did you choose it or did it choose you?


  1. I wonder, too. I'm a cat lover abover all, but I could only find the cougar. Then I love horses (and dogs and elefants, etc.) I guess I'm an catcouhordoele?? :-)

  2. I'm a husky lover. I've sort of always had a fascination for dogs and when I started my 20's I grew a fascination for wolves. After a boyfriend had a husky that fondness grew into a love...

    Ever since then, my eyes and ears pop up whenever I see a husky or wolf, and want to have one some day. And I've also wanted to find out everything possible about them....

    To me the wolf sounds like who I am too... But I think it choose me by luring me in and letting me see it's world first...

  3. CS: HA! You've got LOTS of guides, it looks like :)

    ET: You and I are definitely on the same page with Huskies and Wolves!

  4. Mine is the racoon. I made a meditation to meet my animal guide and a racoon came to see me. I was so glad cause the racoon is such a funny little pest! And I need a funny animal!

  5. I think you read on my blog that I feel a kinship with bears. For almost as long as I can remember, I've felt more of an association with Native American culture than my own ancestory. I have a few notions why that is but that's longish story and maybe something I'll post on my blog.

    Late last night I was working on my 10 B words and of course bear is one of them. I'm still working on the list...hopefully will post it tomorrow.

  6. I don't know what mine is. Maybe someday...

  7. MP: That's hysterical. I love it. Now it makes me want to learn more of the racoon's characteristics!

    Mad: Yes, I do remember, tho' not when I gave you the letter "B." How appropriate. And I look forward to BOTH posts.

    Mr. Fab: You mean it's not the Tiger? or Lemur??

  8. Don't know that this is "my" animal, but I feel connected with the bluebird. It came to me a while back as a link to the throat chakra, which is blue, and about communication. Writing poetry, loving conversation, loving words, I guess maybe it fits! But I can't say I've ever heard a bluebird sing! They're so quiet here on our farm. Maybe their language is very interior. :)

  9. I love and probably identify with most of the characteristics of cats..but I dont know what my animal guide is. I think I need to meditate to find mine... like merlinprincess.

  10. Ruth: I can really see that fitting you--the bluebird. Makes me want to find out more of its characteristics!

    DW: The Wolf found me--or we found each other--when I went through my divorce in 1990. It was a very traumatic time in my life. And suddenly, Wolf told me he/she understood and helped me howl through the pain. I've been howling ever since, but for different reasons. When it's the right time, I guess you know.

  11. Hmmm...I don't really know. I've always been fascinated by small winged things such as chickadees, hummingbirds and dragonflies. Maybe my guide is one of those?

  12. I can understand that, Christina, especially the hummingbirds! Hmm, maybe it'll come to you....

  13. I don't know that I have an animal spirit guide. Mine hasn't made itself known to me.
    I was intrigued about your reference to guides finding you as in Donica's case with the turtle.

    I had a similar experience with a piece of jewelry recently.

    I found a pendant set with diamonds and pink and green tourmalines at a bead show.

    Normally I wouldn't even consider buying myself such an extravagant piece of jewelry but this piece called me back.

    My mom died last year and she was a constant companion of mine at these shows, this particular one falling on mother's day. I recently got a small inheritence from her and decided to buy this treasure in her memory.

    When I put it on I instantly felt better . Calmer.

    Yesterday I researched the properties of theses stones and found that specifically pink and green tourmaline have all the properties I need right now and that diamonds amplify the effect!

    Perhaps my animal guide will come to me next.

  14. That is an incredible story, Jozee! I totally believe in its Magic. Thanks for sharing it. When I think of it, I didn't know my animal guide till when I was 45-ish, 16 years ago! So maybe right about now for you?? :)

  15. Yes, just about the right time for me too then. Glad you could appreciate my story,thought you might.:)