Saturday, May 13, 2006

Playing with Lights

That's the theme for this week's Tuesdays Photos: Playing with Lights. Yesterday I wrote about Niki de Saint Phalle's sculpture exhibition in our Atlanta Botanical Garden. This is a shot of two of The Three Graces just before 9 p.m. on Thursday of last week.

Funny thing is, I'm not the one playing with lights. THEY are!


  1. Wow Ginnie - that's just an incredible shot... Ok - now my ears have perked up. You must email me and tell me details of this camera!

  2. I didn’t know Niki de Saint Phalle. After reading your blog, I checked her by the internet. As a result, her art exhibition had been held last month in Osaka where I LIVE in. I didn’t know it!
    And, I learnt that there is Niki Museum in Japan. (However, it is very very very far from my house.) But I want to go to her exhibition someday.

    I especially like the ANIMALS.
    When I saw it first, I thought that it was the work of “Antoni Gaudi” in the Park Guell in Barcelona.
    Does not it look like? ;)


  3. ET: Thanks! And I have sent you a G-mail re the new camera :)

    Nori: Funny you should say that about Antoni Gaudi because we first saw his work in Barcelona and then when we saw Niki in Hannover last year, we found out that she was greatly inspired by him. So you are absolutely right! I hope you can see Niki in Japan!

    Tim: Thanks.

  4. Well, they didn't specify who should be playing with the lights :) I really love these sculptures.

  5. I just read Nori's comment, and "Yes!" I love Gaudi too and have a out book on his architecture at the moment. Friedensreich Hundertwasser also has that same exuberant, often playful, colourful quality in his work...another favourite of mine.

  6. CS: Thanks!

    DW: And thanks to you. That's what I figured--no clear specification leaves a lot to the imagination :)

    I loved reading about Hundertwasser! Thank you for directing me to him because you're right, I know I would love his work. And I see that he was in the same places as Niki, so I'm sure they knew each other! I see he was in NZ in the latter years of his life. I'll definitely have to do more research on him. Thanks.

  7. You have received your Canon? Cool! And this photo is perfect. The colours are a ral wonder! I love Nikki de St-Phalle. I wear her nice perfume from time to time. I don't know if it still exist! I first saw her sculptures in Paris, near Beaubourg. In the fountain! I immediately loved those nanas! :)

  8. I love her art; thank you for introducing me to her!

  9. Yes, MP, I have received my Canon but this pic was taken with my Sony. Didn't have my Canon then. I love it that so many people know Niki. Her work is incredible.

    Mad: You are so welcome. You should see her work in real life!!

  10. Wow, that's a great shot! Those two "nanas" just seems to have so much fun! Hey! I just look like that with my swimsuit!

  11. Thanks, Gustav. That means a lot coming from you.