Monday, May 22, 2006

The Things That Count

Yes, I've arrived safe-n-sound at our Hannover apartment (thank you all), and while I adjust to the 6 hours I just lost, let me tell you something about our precious Big Little Boy (BLB).

This past Saturday evening was the end-of-the-season program and reception for Nicholas' 4-5 year-old T-Ball league (in Atlanta). Each team, one by one, went up on stage (in their uniforms) to receive their individual trophies. Lots of whooping and hollering, even with cheerleaders!

After everyone was seated, the moderator said he was now going to hand out the most prestigious awards of the night: the Solid Rock awards that would go to one person from each team that was chosen by the coaches. This award was for the child who showed "exceptional character throughout the season."

You know what I'm going to say, of course. But first, I had already shut off my camera (before going to the reception). But then I thought, if Nicholas was chosen, I'd never forgive myself for not having the camera ready! So yes, when the Yankees' team name was called, and "Nicholas Grannan" was named, I just about lost it! He had to walk from his seat at the back of the auditorium and join the others on stage.

Then, to add frosting to the cake while at the reception, with each team around their individual tables for dessert, the coaches handed out more awards. And Nicholas got the "Most Improved Over the Season" certificate.

I have no clue if the BLB understands what this all means. If you look at the last page (p. 3) of this album, there are several expressions of deep contemplation, as though he were taking it all in.

Hmm. The things that count. Over time we'll all help him understand, of course. Team spirit, good sportsmanship, having a great attitude, working hard, being kind, etc. It all matters. It all counts! How nice to start that so young!


  1. Well, first of all - welcome "home"! Glad you made it safely once again.

    Nicholas is such a beautiful, special boy. I'm sure the awards he got were well deserved and that he'll continue to show that team spirit in the future. How could he not with you as his g'ma? :-)

  2. Congratulaions! He's gorgeous. You've got plenty of reason to be proud!

    Nice to know good sportsmanship is still being recognized somewhere. Too often this is no longer the case with children's sports .
    Kudos to his coaches and league as well.

    Job well done - all around!

  3. What an award to be proud of! Nothing makes a parent or grandparent prouder than the good character of a child. It's very cool that they recognized this. Team and sportsmanship are what's valuable about kids playing a sport! Good for him to be good at this so young. Bless him. Beautiful photos of a beautiful boy.

  4. I guess he left a wonderful impression on the coaches to get 2 awards! That's awesome. I guess the trick really is to make sure it doesn't get to his head... You've got a great BLB... And yes happy you are home. :)

  5. Nicholas is so adorable! I have no doubt that your BLB will impress you and make you very proud of him in the future as well. He's such a great kid and he's being taught good values by great people. :-)

  6. Great pictures, Mom -- that album shows a good portrayal of the season. We're all very proud and it's clear he's proud of himself as well. As you said, not sure if he totally "gets it", but he sure knows that he was singled out for something special! Thanks for being there to share in those special moments.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to Nicholas. Congratulations to you for taking so wonderful and impressive images. The album also is most interesting. Great to see Nicholas in action.

  8. Christina: Thanks! It sure is nice to think that I might rub off on him at least a bit :)

    Jozee: Kudos to the league, is right. In fact, good sportsmanship, etc. was part of the "speech" during the program--keeping a balance of having fun and still learning the fundamentals of the sport.

    Ruth: Amen, Sistah!

    ET: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure he totally "got" it. But I can guarantee that between all his g'parents, Mom and Dad, he'll think twice about getting bigheaded!

    CS: Those are very kind words and God knows we want that to happen!

    Amy: It is definitely a sport that he was able to shine at (compared to soccer, at this time in his life). I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

    KPK: Thanks a million. That means a lot coming from you.

  9. Yes, something to be proud of! Ginnie, tell Nicholas I am happy he got that trophy and I give him a big hug! Yip! Yip! Hourra!


    He really is so photogenic, and that is a wonderful picture of him with his trophy :) Some lovely action shots in your album, they almost play like a movie on auto :)

    I have no doubt that he will turn out to be a fine man with your family around him. Children learn best by example afterall.

  11. Mei: Thanks for your happiness :)

    DW: HA! I had to laugh about the "photogenic" part because he's now like so many kids who fake a smile when they see a camera. I often tell him not to smile (so that he'll be more relaxed/natural). Sometimes that makes him give a real smile. Anyway, it's the candid shots I prefer. But thanks for your compliment.

    Nicholas' mom is very good and caring with him--very strict. Also, he's a Cancer boy and really loves his mommy! But it truly "takes a village" when it comes to raising kids, doesn't it!

  12. I'd be so proud they wouldn't be able to get my head back out the door to go home. What a hard-working little guy. I've no doubt mom and the g-mom's had a lot to do with it too - children succeed when they're supported and nurtured.

    When I read the stories and see the pics it gives me pause, makes me wonder what kind of man he's going to be when he grows up. Certainly looks great so far, though, doesn't it. And every time I come back it gets better.

  13. Well, of course he won, silly. With those soulful genes and exceptional bloodline, how could he not? :)

  14. Lisa: Thanks for your wonderful support for this little guy. He is definitely "supported and nurtured!"

    Mr.Fab: Awww. You're just saying it 'cuz it's true :)

  15. Congratulations to Nicholas and to you for your part in helping him to be the person he is. And those are great pics!

  16. Thanks, Tim. As you know, even the uncles are part of the process!

  17. Those pictures were fun! I just had to notice the couple sitting behind Nicholas didn't look too happy. She seemed a little bitter about something. (It looked like they were seated in a church?)

  18. Yes, Rachel, the program took place in a church sanctuary. This particular league was part of a Baptist Church outreach that Nicholas's coaches transferred to after being a bit disappointed in the "Y." Don't know about that lady, though. Nicholas' team sat in the back of the sanctuary while I was seated up front for good pics. I walked back just for those few pics when they first came in. But photos don't lie, do they!