Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Love Birds

This week's Tuesdays Photos theme is DUCKS. And I had to drive 20 miles to find these! I had asked my hairdresser on Tuesday where I could find ducks and she told me of a little lake where they supposedly have hundreds of them--"all the different kinds that are so pretty," she said.

I say "supposedly" because you can't prove it by me! I did go but, in her defense, probably went at the wrong time. Ducks were nowhere to be found at 5p on that little lake. But I did finally find these two love birds who were hanging out in the shade by a dock. Made the whole trip worth it!

Speaking of love birds, I pick Donica up at the airport today, back from Germany! Yaaaay! While we "put up" with our times apart, we hate when we're on different time zones. Arrgh.

In the meantime, who's gonna win the USA-Ghana soccer/football game in the next couple hours? You know how I feel about that Ghana team! I just may have to be a traitor for a day....


Addendum: I remembered a little ditty my brother Nelson used to repeat often. Here it is:

C D E D B D ducks?
M R not ducks!
O S A R! C D E D B D wings?
O I C M – M R ducks!


  1. Sweet! Very very nice shot! And yes, although I'm not a soccer/football fan I#d like to see Ghana in the next round too :-)

  2. from what I see it's a Ghana win! Lovely photo. Yes it's hard to find ducks here for me too. I just don't like driving to it. I like seeing them all around me (again this is the Switzerland talking to me). Everything was ALWAYS in my backyard...

    Well except the ocean. ;-)

  3. KPK: Thanks and, yes, Ghana's in the next round!

    ET: Yup, Ghana won, 2-1. A good game. Since USA had to win to move on, it was a losing battle for most of the game, but now we have the chance to see just how far Ghana can go. We at least know they can play with the Big Guys!

  4. That poem is sooo cute! So I guess we're all rooting for Ghana?? Or was it not I-Ghana?;) Beautiful pict of the Ducks. I still have to get my picts from holland sorted out. Orange stried a few panorama shots. Let's see :-)

  5. Such pretty ducks, and I love the poem. :-)

    Let's see how far Ghana will go!

  6. CS: I love that poem/ditty :) Yup, now that USA is outta it, I'm rooting for Ghana all the way. Just the principle of the underdog, you know!

    Christina: Thanks. BTW, how does a real German (Mr. M) feel about Ghana? And what if Ghana and Germany play? What then??!!

  7. I'm glad iGhana got through - I hope they manage to win a few more.

    Excellent photo. That is such a romantic love :)

  8. Excellent photo. You definitely captured a moment.

  9. DW: Yaaay, iGhana! And thanks.

    Mr. Fab: :)

    Tim: It was definitely a moment :) Don't you wonder what they were thinking?!

  10. Couple of ducks are symbols of perennial love for Chinese. The symbol is more mandarine ducks but those are ducks anyway.

  11. Yup, Mei, ducks are ducks! Once these were in the shade was when I saw that they're not totally white, as they appear to be when they're out in the bright sunlight. That was fun to discover.