Friday, June 23, 2006

Redux: Copenhagen, Denmark

Here we go again: #2 of our 6 ports-of-call on our Scandinavia and Russia cruise! I'll get this done yet. (Steady as she goes! :)

The day was divided into two parts and all with the same tour guide. We started with a 3-hour walking tour of the city from Copenhagen's harbor, right where our ship docked. If you squint (or click to enlarge), you can see the standing bear in the bottom-center of the above photo. I actually took that pic from the ship and that's where we started the walk. You'll see bullet holes in its head from WWII.

The pics in the Copenhagen album ("only" 148 this time--better than 225!) are essentially in the order of the walk. We bought a book of the city and I've been able to label almost everything except the one big-steepled church that has no name (in the album, that is). I couldn't for the life of me find anything on the Internet that helped. Maybe Gustav knows?? [6/28 Yay! Gustav figured it out: it's the Nikolaj Kirke. This particular link will show you how huge it is!]

After the walk, we all climbed into one of the sight-seeing boats for a one-hour canal tour. You'll see some of the same walking-tour sights but just from a different vantage point. Again, I've kept the pics mostly in the order in which we saw the sights.

As you see, the entire day was overcast and rainy--the only day of the cruise with that much needed camera protection. I actually love skies with attitude. I even love the rain except for when it comes to taking pics. I did my best and rolled with the punches.

At the beginning of the album, you'll see ship employees giving the Great Dame a bath--the only day we observed this. You'll even see guys outside our balcony on a pulley system, doing their cleaning thing. How fun.

At the end of our canal tour, our little boat sailed alongside our ship and gave us a great vantage point for taking pics of our "home away from home." She's one pretty lady, I'll have to say! And here she is is, docked and holding steady till we left a few hours later.



  1. wonderful! Once again I love it. But you know what I was thinking when I read and looked at the pics? Is it really fun to do a 3 hour tour - haha or is it better to visit and stay a few days and get more of out it...

    No need to answer, just my thinking.

  2. by the way - the pics are so wonderful. I swear I want to splurge and buy a mini cam for all those days I can't bring along my Nikon!

  3. Lovely! My favorite shot was #139, and also the others with water drops on the glass.

  4. ET: To answer your question, one of the reasons why we like cruises is because we have a chance to see many cities in a short span of time, giving us a "taste" of what they're like. If ever we want to go back for a week, let's say, we know which ones to pick. I'd rather see a place for only a few hours than not all, if that's all I'll ever have. So many places to see!

    Thanks for being a fan and for your photo compliments.

    Ruth: Awww. And to think I almost didn't include those in the album!

  5. Tell me somethin'? Would you recommend this as a vacation over, say, taking the family to Mallorca or Disneyland Paris? I've never been on a cruise and I'm curious.

  6. I recognized the Little Mermaid just in front. So, I know where was your pier as I went there. It is a good walk from downtown Copenhaguen

  7. Elle: There are many child-friendly cruises out there that I think would be wonderful for you as a family. You get so pampered, which is how some vacations need to be. It depends on what you want, of course, but cruises make sure they have activfities for the kids, especially when you're at sea all day.

    Mei: It's fun, isn't it, to see the places we recognize from around the world!

  8. That ship looks like a floating palace :)

    Among my favourite shots were #77, #99 - I love the angle at which you shot that, it looks so grandly massive, and also #139. A wonderful album.

  9. You're a real fan, DW! I declare. Thanks for singling out the pics you specifically liked. That means a lot. #77 was looking outside the high-up window of the cafe room where we stopped for a drink on our walking tour. #99 is a look at the huge buttresses of the church that still has no name for me. And #139 (what Ruth also liked) is a pic of one of the sailboat masts through the glass roof of our canal touring boat while it rained. I remember all those shots with feeling!

  10. I loved going through your wonderful album Ginnie. It's funny how similar, yet so different your boat tour was to ours in Amsterdam. I'll try to post today.

  11. Hi Ginnie. Great pictures from Copenhagen. Yes maybe I can help you with the name of the church, you can send me a copy of the picture if you like. I can't promise anything as I am not a Copenhagen expert, but I was born there and I've been there many many times

  12. Gustav, here's
    one of the photos of the church
    . If you know which one it is, you'll get a Gold Star :) Thanks.

  13. Hi Ginnie...I am not sure...But I found this website:
    and it looks like "Heligaandskirken", which means Church of the Holy Spirit

  14. I checked out all the churches at that site, Gustav, and the towers/steeples don't match. Hmm. What a quandary because it's got to be near the Old Town where we were walking around. In fact it's in a photo in our book but isn't named: as you look down on the canal where the stock exchange tower is on the left and the Church of Holmen is on the right of the canal (aerial view), the tower/steeple of this church/building is like only 2 blocks away or behind Holmen's. The tower is one of the highest landmarks around. I'll keep looking. But thanks a million for checking.

  15. Hi Ginnie
    I asked some people at and they say it is Nikolaj Church
    see here:

  16. BINGO, Gustav! It's a perfect match! Thank the people who found it for you because now I feel so much better about knowing. Here's a link to an
    aerial view
    which shows you how much it really does stand out from the other buildings nearby!

    Thanks again! You really came through :)