Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Way Back Then

Several of you have totally surprised me by wishing me Happy Birthday (in the comments of my last post) before I even woke up here in Hannover. You are awesome!! I have a big grin on my face. What a way to start my day. Thank you!

June 13, 1945. Yup. Sixty-one (61) smackeroos for moi!

BTW, Cristo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, (of The Gates fame), were also born on June 13, but 10 years earlier. I get pretty giddy about that, since they're so soulful to me.

I also just found out from the ephemeris that I was born on a Wednesday. Never knew that.

Don't know if you've seen these fun magnets for the trivia related to your year of birth but here are both mine and Donica's, 13 years apart. Look at the difference between a gallon of gas AND milk...and between them then and now. Something seems terribly wrong with that picture. Were cows harder to come by than oil back then?? And now??

(Click to enlarge, if necessary)

Age is a funny thing, isn't it! I have never understood why women in particular do not like to tell their age. We always hear the joke that age "extinguishes" women and "distinguishes" men. Is that still true? Do we bring it upon ourselves because we don't own up to our age and respect it? Hmm.

For me, age is a "handle" or a bridge in communication and learning about each other. I noticed that it was important to give you the ages of the special people on our cruise. Why? The only thing I can come up with is that it gives me an important context--of history, maturity, experience, expectation. Does that mean I stereotype people because of their age? I hope not.

Anyway, Happy Birthday again to all us Geminis. Soon it'll be you Cancers (Donica!) taking a bow.

[We dropped into bed at 11:57p last night after Italy's soccer win over Ghana. Yes, I took lots of pics and will save that post till tomorrow since...well, um...since only today's my birthday and soccer will be here forever, right?!]


Birthday Supper addendum: Donica is sicker than a dog with a bronchitis infection and has missed work both yesterday and today. But she insisted that we go out to eat tonight since "I still have to eat!" My choice was our nearby Tiergarten biergarten (about 4 blocks away) because of the ribs they serve during summer weather. It's all wonderfully shaded and with widescreen TVs, so we were able to see the draw between France and Switzerland's soccer game.

This is MY food (enough for tomorrow night, too!) while Donica is off getting hers (saving the table, you know). I normally have red wine with my dinners but on this hot, humid night, I was up for a German beer. When in Germany, and all that!

It doesn't get better than dry ribs (no sauce) as far as I'm concerned. What a pig! I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks, Donica.


  1. Happy Birthday and many happy returns to the most soulful 61 year old I know! :-)

    I too like to know how old people are - you're so right about the context thing - I feel that's really important.

    Must go check out my birth year magnet and see how much milk cost then.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a truly special day.

    And YAY!...Italy :) I was cheering for them. The team I'm cheering on for overall winner this year is England..lots of Brits over here, so I had better :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ms. Ginnie! :) These factoids are teh cute. I learned at a young age what day and time I was born. You can't believe how many times that has come in handy. Birthdays are very important events. Here's hoping yours is the best!

  4. Christina: Awww. Thanks. Context really does help us "interpret" things, doesn't it!

    DW: Thanks to you, dear Gemini! Tomorrow I'll say more about Italy and Ghana. It was a little bittersweet for me.

    Elle: It's amazing how many people do NOT know their birth details. I didn't until late in life. And now I realize it's my thumbprint! Thanks for your best wishes. I just never knew I was born on a Wednesday! Thanks again for your comments.

  5. Happy birthday to the most soulful, classiest lady in all of blogdom!

  6. ♪Happy Birthday Ms.Ginnie♪
    “People who were born in JUNE, are a GEMINI are ONLY GOOD people, aren’t you?” ;)
    I understand about your opinions. In fact, I always like my LATEST birthday. (I turned 34 on June 1).
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL day and year. :)

    With my whole heart.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    I need to know where to find the birthday magnets too. I want to see this year too!

    And well I'm happy about the soccer match too. Can't wait!

  8. Happy Birthday!!

    Celebrate in style!

    Shari et al

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I was born on a Monday. This year my birthday is on a Monday. Ooooh Spookie! I know you'll have a very special day and that tomorrow we can look forward to what surprises came your way!

  10. Happy Birthday, Ginnie. And may you have many more.

    By the way, those refrigerator magnets you posted are neat!

  11. I wished you Happy Birthday at the wrong place, I suppose: On merlinprincesse's blog.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, big sister! You are getting better every minute (and that doesn't seem possible). You're the best lover of people of all shapes, sizes, dispositions, faiths, perspectives, genders, persuasions, etc., etc., of anyone I know. YOU, my dear, are a GIFT TO US ALL.

  13. Happy birthday Ginnie! Who said Wednesday's child is full of woe?
    Boy, were they wrong! Age ain't nothin' but a number... and a guideline. Rock on!

  14. Happy, happy birthday, Ginnie! I hope I can be just like you when I grow up!

    I'm glad that despite Donica being sick (get well, Donica!!), you were able to have a great birthday dinner. Mmmm...ribs. I haven't had ribs since I was last in Memphis.

    May your new life year be the most wonderful ever!

  15. Mr. Fab: Oh my. Classy is NOT what I'd ever call myself but I'll take the compliment for "soulful." Thanks.

    Nori: Good Gemini people is right! Welcome to the club!

    ET: It's around the corner (tomorrow's post :).

    Mrs. M/Shari: Thanks, dear niece.

    Rachel: And you, too--another great niece!

    Tim: You who know all about nieces :) Thanks for your wishes!

    Mei: I'll take it anywhere :)

    Ruth: I do love people but I'm totally humbled by how you've said it. To be that kind of person would be the best birthday gift I could ever receive!

    Jozee: Rockin' all the way!

    Dixie: Awww. What a sweetheart! Ya gotta go find those ribs. The best ribs I've had in my life have been here in Hannover, Germany!

  16. So sorry for Donica! Hope she'll get well soon! :O)
    The food on that table looks delicious! Enjoy!
    And you are so right about age! We should all be proud of telling our age because it say how mature we are... :O) Hmmm, well... at least how mature we are trying to be. Hee, hee... or not, hee, hee.

    And Ginnie, just one more thing. I know why you're not afraid of telling your age, and on that everybody will agree with me, it's because you look much younger than 61!

    Happy Birthday again, dear Ginnie!

  17. Clo: Flattery will get you everywhere, of course :) Thanks again!

    ET: They were!

  18. No, no, no! That was not flattery, that was reality! :O))))))))))))))

  19. Happy birthday again, dear Ginnie, even if it was yesterday. And hope that Donica will be better soon! Guess that the saline was not enough! :( She must be on antibiotics now..... *sigh*

  20. Happy, happy birthday, Ginnie! I feel so bad about popping in only today :-( Nevertheless, my birtday wishes to you are very sincere :-)

    Still I see that you had a wonderful time and I do hope that Donica is feeling better. I still have to read my way through your next posts, so I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  21. Clo: You're just way too much! And I love it :)

    MP: She went back to the dr. today for some cough medication and he said she'd be well by Monday! I hope he's right. But thanks for asking.

    CS: As far as I'm concerned, birthday wishes are never late. They just extend the celebration. So thanks :) I know you're sincere! Thanks.

  22. Late as usual..... but...


  23. TO: Like I said to CS, all you've done is extend the celebration. Who can say NO to THAT! Thanks!

  24. Sorry I'm so late in wishing you a happy birthday! It sounds like it was a grand day aside from Donica being ill. But since I'm so late in sending you my wishes, I hope you'll celebrate again tonight! I think it's only right. ;)

  25. Awww. What a sweetheart, Mad! Thanks. I celebrated with my kids last night, the day you sent your wishes, so I did indeed celebrate again!