Sunday, July 16, 2006

Oh Yeah, Baby!

Yesterday afternoon, the day before Nicholas' birthday party today (remember, he turned 6 on Wednesday!), I found out from Amy that the bike and helmet we had purchased for him was something G'pa had already purchased for him last Christmas (but we had forgotten because they're at G'pa's house, not Nicholas').

So, when I picked up Nicholas from daycare for an overnight, I had to scramble! I even called Donica in Hannover to get her input. What to do, what to do! In the end, we decided to take him to the store and kinda let HIM decide what he wanted. Believe it or not, he ended up at the Yu-Gi-Oh cards!

It's not exactly how we pictured "doing" his birthday present but I'm not sure there was anything in the world we could have done better. A bike and helmet's worth of Yu-Gi-Oh cards got more "Oh yeah, Babies" outta him than I've heard in a long time. And since he picked them out, he saw them unwrapped and therefore opened them before his party today. Like I said, not at all like how we planned it.

The concentration, the study of each and every card, the tender, loving care of putting all the cards in a special collector's tin...I watched it all and smiled with pleasure over impractical abandon winning the day. Oh yeah, Baby!

This morning, after the overnight, I drove Nicholas to G'pa's house for the pool party with 3 of his friends and my family (that's another post). It allowed Amy to get the party ready and gave me my "g'son fix." He brought his cards, of course, and while they were not the focus of the party (the pool was!), he wiggled them into the scene.

Friend Joshua actually got to "trade" for six of them--the magic number today, I guess.

Mommy got to see them up close and personal.

G'pa had to wear his reading glasses to read the rules.

And Uncle Mark got to see the cool characters.

All right then. So he didn't need two bikes and helmets! When all else fails, we now know what to buy the birthday boy. (It's an investment, BTW!)

And Donica, though your presence was sorely missed, you were there!


  1. Hmmm... Yu-Gi-Oh... I don't know much about that one, probably more a boy thing... :O)

    But the look on his face! Happy belated birthday Nicolas! :O)

  2. How perfect for him! I love all the family photos!

  3. So sorry I was not able to make the trip home for the event! Thank goodness someone always makes a digital recording of the event so I will be able to witness the happenings from afar.

    Maybe Nicholas and I will have a "birthday-day" together when I am able to be home for a weekend. We can just pick something fun to do and make a day of it. I already promissed him an overnight on the next weekend he is at Mommy's house. (Hope that will work with your schedule Amy.) Nicholas promised to teach me about his cards when he spends the night with us again.

    So sorry I wasn't there but, as expected, the day appears to have gone well!

  4. Clo: HA--maybe it IS more of a boy thing. Don't know for sure. Lots of dragons and magicians, etc. Stuff Donica likes, to tell the truth :)

    Ruth: Yes! He takes after G'ma, liking the feel of cards in his hands :)

    Donica: I haven't told everyone yet that you were in the hospital in Hannover and couldn't come home. BUT, I do think that happened to keep you there so you wouldn't do the crazy trip home and then right back again in 2 days! We know you wanted to be here with the Big Boy. And I know you'll make it up to him!

  5. Sounds complicated with all these cards. Do they gain points when they get certain figures, like hockey/baseball cards?? I haven't got a clue about this game. Help!

  6. I haven't heard of these cards either. But the party and everything else looks like it was a ton of fun!

  7. CS: HA, you and me both! Actually, at his age, I think they just like the pictures and trading them. Each card does have more or less value but how the game is played is beyond me right now. One day I'm sure I'll have to learn--for him :)

    ET: I'm publishing an album (80 pics) as we speak and will include it with the pool party post. You know us g'mas!

  8. Well, you know *I've* heard about these cards because they are ALL over my house and my kids LOVE them. I still don't have a clue as the the rules of the game though. Last time we were in Vancouver my mum let each boy choose a present and they also chose those Yu-Gi-Oh! collectors tins. Something magic about them, I guess. :-)

  9. It sounds like you and Nicholas are having a great time. Good for you. They grow up way too quick as I'm sure you're quite aware. ;)

  10. 2 things immediately come to mind--no, 3

    1. how's Donica?
    2. Amy and Nicholas are blessed to have amicable celebrations with their family in a whole unit...Amy, really blessed.
    3. gotta love Bill's shirt!

  11. I'm sorry to hear that Donica was in hospital and I trust that all is well?

    And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicholas!! It sounds and looks as if he had a blast. Letting him choose his gift was a good idea as he then obviously gets what he really wanted :)

    Great pics of the event.

  12. Christina: Wow! So glad you know I'm not crazy :)

    Tim: Yes, they DO grow up too quickly. Can't believe he's already six!

    Mrs. M/Shari: 1) I just posted about Nicholas' pool party and then did a tag-on about Donica, so I'll not repeat it here. I really think she needed to stay in Germany and not come home for the weekend, but that was certainly a round-about way of forcing the issue. Actually, that's probably why it happened because not much would keep her from celebrating Nicholas' birthday!

    2) Yes, we all feel blessed to be able to celebrate together after the divorce (1990). But that's as it should be and we all are grateful.

    3) You have got some good eyes there! I think you know that Bill and Linda have a condo there in your Sarasota city. One day they plan to move from Atlanta and live there.

    DW: Thanks for the good wishes on his behalf. I totally agree about his getting what he wanted. It really ended up better that way!