Monday, July 31, 2006

Walking Through the Hoops

We had such a marvelous refilling of Nicholas this weekend that I hardly know where to start! It actually started on Friday afternoon when I went with him and Amy to his annual check-up at the doctor's, where we found out his weight is 30% and his height 35% in his age bracket (he's just a wiry squirt!).

Then I took him home with me for an overnight. Before dinner, Donica started teaching him about basketball. She recently had the goal installed, so this was her first time to take him through the hoops (remember, she played basketball in high school).

First, it was learning to dribble the ball correctly. "Use your fingertips," she said, "and don't slap it. It'll bounce back to you."

Then she taught him how to how to hold the ball with his left hand and push it with his right for shooting baskets. Oh, and also how to use the backboard for banking shots.

Bingo! That little squirt kept shooting basket after basket, making as many as he didn't. Later he told me that Donica needed to practice more, since she wasn't making as many baskets. HA. She told him she DID need to practice more (but she wasn't used to having the basket set at the 7' height for his age and she wasn't going to beat him at P-I-G!).

Then, for good measure, she had to show him how to dunk the ball (with her help) and hang from the basket. Just for the halibut, of course. Actually, G'ma was the culprit. Yes, some things you can definitely blame on me.

The BIG game of the weekend was NOT basketball, however. We took Nicholas to his first Braves baseball game here at our Atlanta stadium on Saturday. But that's another post....


  1. ok - those are such cool shots. and it's so cool that he can come to g'mas house now to shoot hoops. I'm sure you've got him hooked already...

    And the game sounds like lots of fun and some spoiling too! :)

    We did fireworks.

  2. To reach the largeness of Nowitzki it will last a while ;-) But the first steps are well done :-))

  3. What awesome shots, both photographically and basketbal-ly! ;) What a great thing for N and D to do together for years to come. He is fortunate to have her expertise to start his career. I can just seem him zipping in and around other players with his wiry legs and arms and speed (and intelligence).

  4. How fun! It looks like he really took to it and I'm sure he'll start asking regularly when we'll be back over so that he can play again! :-) Great gift, Donica!

  5. ET: It's clear Nicholas enjoys coming to G'ma's house, for lots of reasons, but I can see shooting hoops as one of the biggest in the years to come. Actually, I enjoy shooting baskets myself, so I'll have to put down the camera the next time :)

    KPK: Hmmm. To be in the same league with Nowitski--yes, it'll take awhile! But as I've said before, you have to start somewhere and you're right, his "first steps are well done."

    Ruth: Our 2 best basketball stars in my high school class were both very short and wiry. They just ran through/around everyone else's legs :) I love it that Nick teaches him how to bat and Donica teaches him how to shoot baskets! Don/Peter will have to teach him how to run track. It takes a village, you know :)

    Amy: Yes, a very great and cool gift. Donica and I need to start practicing on our own for the next time he comes!

  6. What a cool goal net! And I adore that shot of Nicholas hanging on the net!

  7. Thanks, T1. I could just eat him up!

  8. That's a great shot of Nicholas hanging from the basketball hoop. Gotta love it!

  9. Happy to hear you're back on DSL! What a torture the modem must have been.

    That boy must your pride and joy, which I fully understand :-) Great photos; I especally like the last one.

  10. Oh yes, CS. That boy IS our pride and joy! You hit the nail on the head :) Thanks.