Saturday, September 23, 2006


Today at 10a in Atlanta is Nicholas' second soccer game of this season, which we'll miss (boohoo). I was there last Saturday and took scads of pics for Donica (who was already here in Hannover). The album has 90 photos (unprocessed) so she could see all the nuances of his expressions and actions. That's because this time, HE GETS IT! Finally, his 4th season of soccer, HE REALLY DOES GET IT.

It's a Baptist Church league so they get READY with a team prayer.

Then, GET SET!


The reason why this ACTION stuff is so perfect for Donica and me here in Hannover is because we always try to find it on the weekends. We always ask Landlady Uschi if she knows of any ACTIVITY going on in the city that we shouldn't miss. When she comes back to us, she says, "Here's the ACTION!" In her very good English (I'd be a happy camper if my German were as good as her English!), ACTIVITIES are synonymous with ACTION!

So, our ACTION today is the last of the fireworks' competition, put on by Canada, at Herrenhäuser Gärten. We plan to leave the apartment at 4p, just as Nicholas' soccer game starts in Atlanta! Tomorrow afternoon we plan to meet up with Donica's American co-worker's family that has recently moved to Hannover from Atlanta for a 2-year expat stint. A nice ribs' dinner at the nearby biergarten is the order of the day!

So, here's to some good ACTION for us all this weekend. Oh yes, who does MICHIGAN play today! (Lots of good action last week against Notre Dame!!! :) Actually, I think it's Wisconsin, as I recall.... GO BLUE! I want to see ACTION once again!


  1. Adorable pic of the boys praying! How sweet.

    Yes you do play Wisconsin today, and we're foolish enough that we're driving to AA to eat out and shop at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (which we don't have here). We don't mind waiting a little longer for everything. We'll avoid the freeways!

    We play Notre Dame this week, and the game's tonight at 8pm on prime time. It's been played up majorly because of some aggressive comments by the ND coach! Should be fun. :D We may not kill them the way MI did last week, but I hope we beat them!!

    Hope the fireworks are great!

  2. oh ginnie these are incredible photos! And little N looks too adorable since he is so small for his soccer clothes still.. But he looks like a real go getter..

    And fireworks!! ah... I need to get out and find some Action here. ;-)

  3. Ruth: Oh wow. What a fun day for you and Don on a football Saturday! And in autumn! We'll have to check for scores tomorrow since we're getting ready to go to bed now. Hope you beat ND, even if by a hair :)

    ET: It's so fun to watch these teeny-tiny kids taking the game so seriously! We had fun at the fireworks tonight and I'm hoping I'll have a couple good pics. But I certainly did think of you and all my Canadian friends!

  4. Great series! I especially like the second one where he looks so concentrated, very well seen and captured!

  5. Thanks, KPK. He steals my g'ma heart every time!

  6. Well, you-M did great, and so did MSU for a while. But in the second half we lost our momentum and lost by just 3 points. Disappointing!

    We had no hitches in AA and actually think it's less congested to shop at WF and TJ while people are watching the game!

  7. Ruth: Donica told me first thing this morning about MSU's loss to ND. I'm so sorry you lost your momentum because it sounds like you almost beat them! Maybe next year!

    That certainly makes sense about "no hitches" while you were in AA during the game. Where else would they be?! :)

  8. Cute little pee wee. Soccer's a great sport! Looks like he's playing full back. Cool!

  9. Yup, Jozee. I could squeeze him to death!

  10. Excellent action shots!! Nicholas definitely gets the tongue :) I used to do that when I concentrated, still do on occasion.

    In 39 of that slide show I get a glimpse of what an older Nicholas will look like.

    As for fireworks, that is one of my most favourite things!!

  11. Thanks, DW. I looked at #39 and you are probably right. He suddenly started looking older to me during this game. He was still a little boy in the other seasons! So glad you have fireworks in NZ. We all need to be Children during those times!