Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Say What?

Before I get on the plane to fly back to Atlanta....

The other day I had two about-faces, one going and one coming back from my walk here in Hannover. In both cases I had passed what I saw before stopping dead in my tracks and turning around to take these pics.

This is a brand-spanking-new PT Cruiser. So what! IN GERMANY! It's not that you don't see American cars here, especially ones like a Ford Focus. But this was the first PT Cruiser I've seen here. BTW, see the kiosk on the sidewalk behind it? Right after you pass it, you turn left into our apartment's alleyway.

Not very far from where the PT Cruiser was parked is this shoe-repair-shop window where I saw this boot. Now tell me that's not something to write home about!

Speaking of home, that's where I go today, via Paris and Washington-Dulles. Donica leaves this afternoon for Amsterdam and won't come home till Friday. Crossing ships in the night once again! Another long day but so totally worth it. Is it really time to leave already?? I'm afraid these next days will be a blur before we leave for Vancouver Island on Sunday. But that's getting ahead of myself.... Miles to go before then!

[It's 4:55a Hannover time right now so I'll have to manually change the time of this post so as to make it Wednesday instead of Tuesday. (My computer is set for Atlanta time.) Details, you know!]


  1. Oh ginnie - those were a hoot. I love the boot the most! And I do hope we find some funny stuff like that while you are here too!

    I can't believe you will touch down in Vancouver on Sunday!!!

    Have a safe trip... Oh I'm getting so excited!!!

    LOL - my word ident was bybyes

  2. That boot is different! Don't think I would want to wear one like it!

    Have a safe flight

  3. That boot is too funny, Ginnie. It must be pretty wierd to wear it! :-)

    Have a safe flight!

  4. ET: I had a safe trip (thanks) but no suitcase yet. But that's the least of my worries. Everything will be a blur from now till Sunday!

    Tim: I have tried many times to picture what it would be like to wear that boot. No, I don't think anyone would like to wear it!

    CS: I think the joke's on us :)

  5. some what amazing boots they are...
    something unique was there...
    anyways..have a nice day..

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Prachi. I just visited yours and see you've just started the Blogging World. The best line I read in your post was "one should not die till the time we are dead." Thanks.

  7. I glanced at that boot twice (once scrolling down to Sept. 23rd, where I left off last, then back up to start reading this post) but didn't realize till the 3rd look (as I was reading along) the uniqueness of it! I feel completely oblivious. ;)

  8. That's funny, Mad, because I wonder how many times I passed that same window and boot and never noticed! I can sometimes be the Queen of Oblivious!