Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Works

Our evening at Herrenhäuser Gärten yesterday was fabulous! So cool, breezy and full of ACTION! As the sun set over the gardens, I realized once again why I love going there, for that alone. To add something like Canada's fireworks was just frosting on the cake. Canada was the last of 5 competitors in this year's fireworks' competition that started in May. I'm eager to see who won: Austria, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic or Canada. I'm guessing they all won, as far as the crowds are concerned.

Since the actual fireworks didn't start till 9p and we were there at 5:30p (!), we had lots of time to fritter away. There wasn't a lot going on, since most people go and stake out their spot on the grass somewhere for "the works." But we went off one by one, after eating brats and a baked potato, with a mug of beer. There was line dancing from Nashville (do they do that in Canada :) and the Knut Richter jazz band, plus other acts that we didn't see or take pics of. But this face painting spot was a real hit. In fact, as I took several pics of this beauty, Anne-Sophie, the mother asked me if I could send them to her via e-mail. My delight, of course :)

I even had time to walk through the Niki de Saint Phalle grotto nearby, which I have done before but not at night, just before it closed. Don't get me started on her. I have written about her before for her exhibit in our Atlanta Botanical Gardens. So soulful! What an amazing artist!

We were there, of course, for the FIREWORKS from Canada. Nor were we disappointed! Well, for me, some day I'd like to just watch the works and not think one second about taking pics. But I played around with my new camera (new for "works," that is) and came up with a couple pics I found quite interesting (click image to enlarge):

I clearly have a lot yet to learn about taking fireworks' pics but I think I was most surprised after uploading these to see the galaxy, the ocean and the garden everywhere I looked. Hmm. Did Canada do that just for me? :)

Tomorrow I train east of Hannover 1-1/2 hours to Magdeburg to meet up with Dixie Peach for the day. This will be our second rendezvous (our first was with Christina here in Hannover) and one to which I'm looking forward. Never a dull moment in Ginnie's life, that's for sure :)


  1. Sounds FUN!

    The fireworks AND the photos of them are fantastic! I've never seen any that cool.

    When people "ooooh" and "aaaahhhh" there, is it the same? Or does it sound different? I'm wondering if fireworks praise is universal. :)

  2. Ruth: You've gotta be prejudiced but thanks anyway! :) I just asked Donica your question and she agrees with me that "fireworks praise is universal!"

  3. I'm counting down the hours! Can't wait to see you!

  4. Dixie: In just minutes now I'll be on my way :)

  5. lovely pics. I love the first and last pic of the fireworks the most. I really love the dark background. It makes the colors "pop" even more...

    And yes I say that too, need more practice. LOL but how many times a year do you get a chance to shoot fireworks.. hehe...

    And yes Ginnie never has a dull moment. ;-)

  6. I really do love those pics. Fireworks weren't big in SA so I'm glad that they are over here in NZ.

    I love all the links you include in your posts along with the photos. It really makes it all come alive.

    Your life is certainly interesting! :)

  7. ET: That is so true! It's not only that it happens so few times in a year, but it never lasts long enough to figure it out!

    DW: Thank you for your comments. Never a dull moment for Ginnie. I think Fireworks bring out the Child in all of us!

  8. Oh your pictures are just beautiful!! I think I like the last one best - starfish and sea anemones? And thanks for the Canadian flag. :-) I heard Russia won, followed by the Czech Republic and Austria (or the other way around?) and that Canada got fourth place.

    Can't wait to hear about your visit with Dixie!

  9. Thanks, Christina. You're one step ahead of me on finding out the winner! Since Canada was all we saw this year, I guess we can safely say THEY won, as far as we are concerned :)

  10. Ginnie, your fireworks pictures are absolutely excellent. I love them. I also thought the facepainting picture was really cool.

  11. Your photos are stunning! All of your diligence in trying to capture the perfect firework photos paid off.
    (I'm alittle behind...catching up from being out of town/mind/body, hee!).

  12. Tim: You're a sweetheart. Thanks.

    Mad: You, too. What a sweetheart! I know what it feels like to now have to catch up. But it's definitely worth it!