Thursday, October 26, 2006

The UCLUELET Vacation Spot

Mission accomplished (don't we wish)! I have finished my vacation albums in time to fly back to Atlanta today from Hannover. Just as I had hoped.

Talk about a vacation spot! It doesn't get much better than this if you like the ocean AND mountains, which we do. Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA!

If you're driving a vehicle (we had a rental that Donica called the Mafia Car, the dark-blue Dodge above), or walking, there's really only one main way to get there from Vancouver and that's by BC ferry. It reminded me of all the 2-hour ferry rides we used to take from LA to Catalina Island back when the kids were young and Bill was on InterVarsity staff.

The ferry took us to Nanaimo, on the east side of the island, where we then drove the 3 hours across to Ucluelet on the other side. But first we stopped at Port Alberni midway and took a stroll of the little town. The Harbour Quay above is it's major landmark.

Once in Ucluelet, we headed straight for our accommodations and found ourselves in an incredibly gorgeous and soulful condo, overlooking the harbor on the ground floor. Many of my harbor pics in the photo album were taken just feet away from this living room window. I'd go out first thing in the morning and catch the fog. Or in the afternoon when the full sun was shining. Or in the early evening as the sun set. We felt so lucky to have such a view!

That very first day, we lost no time and went out to walk the Wild Pacific Trail, with above lighthouse, which is Ucluelet's oceanside view (our condo was on the harbor inlet). The album will give you a taste of the varied coastline with its rainforest and rocky beaches.

Speaking of taste, every meal we ate out was fabulous. This was my first time ever to have cedar-plank salmon. As you see, they served it on the plank! Salmon has never tasted so good. I think Donica had Mahi Mahi. We did stick to seafood, BTW. (But I have since heard that Canadian beef is better than anywhere in the world, so I wished I had tried it at least once.)

Thus "ends" * my posting of such a wonderful memory for us. As Donica says, it was just too short! We'd definitely go to the island again, if we have a chance, to see Victoria on the southern tip and more of the eastern side. So totally worth it!

[* Since Sharlene K seemed to wind her way through many of my pics, I will probably need to spend some time on her one day, just for the halibut!]


  1. Oh I LUV cedar planked salmon!! Was it also maple flavoured? That is simply the best!
    What a wonderful vacation!

  2. OMG, fantastic! I most loved the photos inside your living room and of the salmon. The living room -- those adirondacks! And just knowing everything that's outside, so cozy. Wow. Now that salmon dinner looks fabulous, and what a great presentation. No wonder you took a photo (although I ALWAYS take photos of food :)).

  3. oh yes, great pics once again! Yes the entire island is such a lovely place and P and I really need to see more of it when we can!

    Great pics!!! love em...

  4. Great post! It does sound like a wondrous vacation. Your salmon meal photo makes me hungry. :)

  5. That area of the world is so beautiful! That cedar-plank salmon looks delicious! I'm getting hungry and it is 2-3 hours until dinner....

  6. T1: No I don't think it was maple flavored. Hmm. THAT would have been interesting!

    Ruth: It all was so fabulous! We thought of you and Don often and how much you would have liked it.

    ET: Thanks. Can hardly wait till you and P can go.

    Tim: It was definitely a wondrous vacation. Just too short!

    James: HA. I wonder if anyone can try this at home???

  7. FYI... in some large Canadian supermarkets I have seen "kits" for doing your own cedar planked salmon.

  8. AHA! So I guess you CAN try it at home, T1 :)

  9. "Are you following me?"

    No, i can never get to grips with where you are...
    Is it Canada, Atlanta, Vancouver or Hanover... and where will it be tomorrow? :)

    Seriously, i enjoy reading about all your travels and seeing the photos, makes me envious.

    Best wishes Neil

    PS: Did the CSS work?

  10. HA, Neil. That's too funny. Actually, I can hardly keep up with myself, let alone Donica! Thanks for your comment and NO, I haven't gotten the CSS to work yet. But I do want to revisit it. One of these days!

  11. What a beautiful harbor!! I'd (almost) kill for photos with all the reflections of the boats in the water. Bravo!!

  12. Look at the size of the Wine glasses!

    What a great meal, even by my Vancouver Island Native standards. Your photos make me glad that I live here.

  13. Mad: I LOVE harbors with boats and am a glutton for them! Everywhere I go :)

    THR: It was one of those meals you never forget :) You can be VERY PROUD of living there!!!