Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Whetting the Appetite

Little did I know last night, when I posted the horse fields near our apartment in Hannover, that Donica would awaken me this morning with a flight itinerary for ME to Hannover tomorrow. SURPRISE! She was leaving today for a 2-week crazy trip to Amsterdam, Basel, Paris and Hannover. I wasn't scheduled to go with her because of how much she'd be gone (from Hannover). BUT! When she realized she'd be in Hannover for the last week, she made it work. We discovered long ago that even when she's gone, if we're in the same time zone we do so much better.

So, unbenownst to me, I whetted my own appetite!

Now let me whet your appetite with these pics from our recent Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (what an address!) trip. The above photo is taken from across the harbor from the condo where we stayed. A first-floor unit of that middle, cape-cod blue building was ours for the week. The photo below was during early morning fog, standing in front of our condo's living room window the opposite direction. What a view either way, coming or going!

I have gone through most of my pics, getting them ready for albums. A separate album altogether will be of our 41 km drive up the coast from Ucluelet to Tofino (below).

Also, there will be an album of our 5.5-hour wildlife boat excursion into Barkley Sound, amongst the Broken Group Islands near Ucluelet. In fact, we embarked our boat a stone's throw from our condo across the harbor.

Being in Hannover should give me ample time to work hard to complete the albums. That's my goal.

So, talk to you next from Germany! Don't go away!


  1. A lot of great photos Ginnie. I especially like the foggy picture with the reflected boats and the one with the couple sitting at the beach, very moody...

  2. Christina: Me neither! Seeing those photos again will bring back all the soulful memories.

    Gustav: Oh my--if you want mood, you'll see plenty of it. Most of our day driving up the coast was in fog. I loved it! Thanks, as always, for commenting.

  3. Great nature photos Ginny, love them. Just how often do you guys come over to Germany? must be hundreds each year :) Thanks for the visit and don't worry i know how it is to get behind, and you have many more sites to follow than i do.
    By the way just learnt a couple of CSS tricks you might be interested in. I remember when you did the rollover trick, I also have a panorama applet which works well - take a look when you have a moment.
    Cheers Neil

  4. oh wow - those pics are absolutely incredible!!!

    And it's all the more crazy that you are back in Germany already. Lots oh travels, which I personally love...

    So can't wait to see more of the photo albums as you get them. ;-)

    Hope you had a safe trip!

  5. Ginnie - These are incredible! I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation!

  6. I'm here; I made it. Walked into the Hannover apartment at 12:30p today, Wednesday (6:30a Atlanta time).

    Neil: Donica is in Europe many times throughout the year, totalling at least 2/3 of the year but no more than half the time in Germany so as not to pay taxes! I don't come over with her every time, especially if the trip is only a week. But I do try to travel with her whenever possible, which is better for us both!

    I'll have to look at your tricks! I'm a glutton for them, you know :)

    Ruth: Awwwww.

    ET: This trip was totally unplanned and a very nice surprise for me! I'm a happy camper :) It's hard to believe it was just a bit over a week ago that we were with you in Vancouver!

    Judy: And when I left the house yesterday, I realized it was exactly a week after I was leaving YOUR house in LA! I guess I can truthfully say I get around :)

    You all are so kind when it comes to my pics/albums. Talk about a fan club! Thank you.

  7. Hi Ginnie!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Having T2D is a new challene but- I'm glad to have it diagnosed. I am feeling fabulous and healthier than I have in years. I wish Donica all the best with her own journey.
    The photos here are so beautiful!

  8. yeah!!! I knew you'd be back and it's so easy to tell, love that! Yes it is so remarkable knowing you are already on the other side of the world... :-)

  9. Hi Ginnie!

    Its great seeing another's perspective of "my" backyard!
    I was hoping you would stop in and say hi to me too. Maybe next time?
    great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the seal photo, especially the one looking over its shoulder at you! What a pleasant surprise. Must be beautiful over there right now, possibly snowing?

  11. T1: Thanks for your comment again. I have missed you and am just glad that your health concerns are getting under control. And welcome back to Albania, where I know you love to be with your hubby!

    ET: It's amazing to me how small the world is in times like this. Yesterday I was in Atlanta; today I'm in Hannover!

    THR: As I said on your own blog, it's interesting to me that we had similar themes of "Thank You" on our posts yesterday. Now I need to find out more about who you are! I know I first saw you at my sister Ruth's site. I can't believe I could have met you in B.C. when we were just there. Please g-mail me and tell me more about you! Thanks for commenting again.

    Rachel: No, it isn't snowing yet but that German damp cold can go stright to your bones. Our water heater isn't
    "enabled" yet and our landlords are now in the States. Don't know how to do it myself, even tho' I have access to the unit. So I bundled up in bed last night with thermal underwear and the dinkelkissen (like a hot-water bottle!) for my feet! Brrr.

  12. Thanks again for these gorgeous photos. I haven't been here for a couple/few days and am going back in time in my view of your posts.

  13. Tim: As always, you're a welcomed visitor!