Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Nail-biter Day

I'm sorry, but I can't resist this, here or on my Hart & Soul photoblog!

My alma mater, the University of Michigan, is playing it's final football game of the season today against our arch rival, Ohio State. That may not mean a thing to the rest of the world but it's gonna be a nail-biter day for those of us who care.

Besides this being the final and most important rivalry of our football season each year, it will decide who's the national champion before the "real" national championship game is played a few weeks from now (which could be Michigan and Ohio State again?). It so happens that Ohio State is ranked #1 and Michigan is ranked #2 in our college football rankings, the only 2 NCAA top-25 teams in the country that have won all their games this year and the first year they've had the 1-2 ranking. Furthermore, it so happens that we're both in the same Big Ten conference, which makes the match-up as #1 and #2 that much more exciting.

Donica and I will be at Amy's house, along with Mark, for cards and lunch before the game starts at 3:30p. Both of my kids were raised in a U of M household because Bill and I met and graduated from there (back in 1967, can you believe!). During our 21 years of marriage, the kids had one favorite football team and that was U of M! Amy graduated from Flagler College in FL (which doesn't have a football team) and Mark is a graduate of Georgia (big football team but a different conference, thank God!). But today it will be all Michigan.

BTW, you may have heard that Bo Schembechler, our coach from 1969-1989, died yesterday while at a press conference about this game. The link will tell you more about that. Since the game is being played at Ohio State, I'm hoping the Michigan Wolverines will have extra impetus to win it for him.

I've already started holding my breath! Of course, I'll let you know later the final outcome, if you don't find out first.

And please don't anyone tell me "it's only a game!" :)


UPDATE, Sunday: As you probably know by now, we lost, 42-39, a field-goal's difference. BUT, it was the best of what I had realistically hoped for. To be #2, playing at Ohio State, and following the death of our most revered coach ever, I am very proud of coming out only 3 points behind. As I told everyone yesterday, "I am not unhappy!" (Even though that's a double negative, which means it's positive, it's not exactly saying "I am happy," if that makes sense :)


  1. This is such a funny world. My 12 year old son has 12-14 of his best friends over for the big game (michigan vs. ohio state). He's a sports fanatic, not of either of these teams, but we have a new 37 inch plasma TV (my husband's next 10 Christmas presents, or last 15, as he says). One boy recently moved here from Michigan.
    Anyway, I check In Soul, always looking forward to what Ginnie might write...and there's the Michigan bear, too cute!

  2. Nononoooooo!!!...It's NOT only a game!....

  3. Well I haven't been into watching sports lately but I guess I can relate on how the BC Lions are at the grey cup tomorrow. Everyone has been partying all week and that is all everyone is speaking about here.....

    Hope you have/had a great time!

  4. Oh my goodness, you're a Michigan girl! :-0 And no, I know better. It's not just a game.

    I lived in Ohio for about ten years, was married to an OSU fan, and you wouldn't believe the stories he would tell. Or maybe you've heard these already. For instance, the one about the OSU loyals who chose to run out of gas on the highway and be towed because they refused to cross the border and buy gas in Michigan. This rivalry is crazy. Sorta like the one between UK and Duke... but I won't go into that. ;) Good luck to your team!

  5. SusanD: HA! Well, even here in Georgia we heard everybody everywhere talking about the game. Wiki says it's the biggest football rivalry of all time. So glad those boys got to see a good game! :)

    RD: And so you know, as well :)

    ET: I guess our sports world survives on these arch-enemy rivals!

    Lisa: Yes, I've heard that gas story about Woody Hayes. I read yesterday that he's the single biggest influence at Ohio State for creating such a hatred in them for Michigan. They have a Hate Michigan pep rally the Friday night before our game each year, if that tells you anything! I'm guessing Michigan has something similar though I haven't heard about it.

    BTW, even tho' I said it wasn't, it really WAS just a game. I was proud of myself for repeating that mantra enough throughout the game to keep me fairly calm and collected. Otherwise, I think I would have lost it altogether :)

  6. Sad news about the trainer, but I'm happy to hear that your team made it to #2! :)

  7. It remains to be seen, CS, if we STAY at #2! That will be very nice if so, because we'd then play Ohio State again, for the national championship, but on a neutral playing field! We won't find that out, however, for another 2 weeks or so.

  8. Sounds like English Hooligans on soccer matches, the Ohio fans. I stick to Michigan where I have family and friends

  9. Oh yes, TorAa. It's a pretty big deal! So glad to know we have yet another fan. :)

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