Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Force

Since we'll be in Hannover the next two weeks, we made sure to have Nicholas (6-1/2) over last night for an overnight. I always think no age could possibly be better than now, but we must be aging well together, because we just can't get enough of him at any age.

After our obligatory Waffle House breakfast, followed by several errands (one of which was to buy him new winter pj's for G'ma's house!), he asked if we could go into the woods. YES, of course! We had awakened to 30°F but, by noon, it was already 60°F (15°C).

We have so many favorite trees, our Friends. New ones seem to pop up all the time (like in the first photo), after rainstorms. This tree (second photo) is one that Nicholas has basically grown up with. I used to hold his hand as he'd walk up and down it's graceful slant. Now he carefully walks it by himself, up and down. "Down is easier," he says.

Today, after coming down, he said, "I felt the force in me!"

I started thinking of everyone I know that is facing some kind of hardship right now, especially at this holiday time: illness, loss of job, death, divorce, aloneness, the unknown. I know it's not easy for any of us to climb that tree, but I pray to God that we'll all do it...

...and feel the Force in us!


  1. what a great post...
    And Nicolas is always so cute, esp now that I realize he's the same age as little Max in Switz...

    Please make sure you soak up all of the Christmas markets for me.. I guess after having them, I just miss them so much now. The gluh wine, all of the beautiful shops, even if it is just window shopping, the atmosphere.....


  2. Thank you. I'm feeling the force right now. :-)

    Nicholas is just such a sweet boy and so very wise. Does he know that Wednesday is St. Nicholas Day in Germany?

  3. ET: I guess if you keep up with my Nicholas pics and stories, you'll definitely know how to keep up on Max.

    I can hardly wait to get to Hannover's Christmas market this week. Yes, lots of pics, just for you :)

    Christina: Awww, I'm glad you're feeling the Force! And I didn't know/remember that St. Nicholas Day is on Wednesday in Germany. Now you've got my wheels turning!

  4. That boy is so in touch with something bigger inside himself, it's brilliant. He's as fortunate as he can be, to have loving parents and grandparents who foster immense space for learning, growth and happiness. You all tickle me to no end. I'm as we won't see him at New Year's. :(

    Can't believe it's time for you to fly again already! I know how you love the Christmas season in Germany, and I can't wait to witness it through your posts and photos.

  5. Oops, that should be "I'm sad we won't see him . . "

  6. I knew what you meant, Ruth! :)

    We have often said that Nicholas is an "old soul." I really thinks it's true. The other thing is that children have a way of saying a familiar phrase in a slightly different way. He LOVES "Star Wars" and has certainly heard "May the Force be with you." But that's not how he said it, which just thrilled me to no end.

  7. Is it wrong for me to say that he is just the cutest, most precious child ever?? I know we're not supposed to speak of ourselves in that manner, and even though he's my child, I almost don't feel like I can take any credit for the amazing little boy that Nicholas has become. It really does feel as though he's an angel that was sent to us. Let's see if I'm still saying that when he hits 13 . . . ;-)

  8. He's so very intuitive for a 6 1/2 year old! My oldest niece, (the one who went to Hawaii with us) was like that, too. I probably have nearly a dozen nieces and nephews but she's the one I know the best and in my opinion one of the most insightful.
    Being around people like this just warms the soul.
    They are the forces in our souls...

  9. Amy, I won't speak for your mom, but I feel you can say those things about Nicholas. In some way he doesn't BELONG to you, know what I mean? You're his guide for a while, and you can be in awe of him all you want! :)

  10. Amy: My answer to you is that I would expect you to feel that about Nicholas, so why not say it (kinda like, "It's your blog!"). We all know that he is yours by blood but he belongs to the Universe. He's every bit mine as he is yours; he's Ruth's; he belongs to everyone who is touched by him. It's just extra frosting on the cake that he lives with you! The good and the bad! :)

    Mad: I heard someone say that this generation of kids seems to have more Old Souls than normal. Hmm. Makes you wonder!

    Ruth: I totally agree! :)