Monday, December 04, 2006

Full-Moon Craziness

Taken just before 7 pm on 10/6/06 in Vancouver

Okay, are you ready??? We'll start slow and go uphill from there.

USC (Dennis' school, remember?) lost to its arch rival, UCLA, this past Saturday. So they went from #2 in the national rankings to #5. Also, Florida won their conference playoff game and went from #4 to #2 nationally. So THEY are the ones who'll play Ohio State (#1) on January 8th for the national title. (Are you with me?)

In the meantime, Michigan (my school, remember?) stayed put as #3 and will play USC in the Rosebowl on January 1st. Wanna know what Dennis says about that? "Whoa Nelly! I am in a no lose situation as my team squares off against my adopted team! So, Hail to the Victors, Fight On and may the best team prevail!" He also said previously that Amy is in a win-win position! She'll be genuinely happy regardless of who wins. :)

2. DONICA and Hannover
First of all, she's not seeing her doctor today but late Wednesday afternoon. (Actually, her doctor wasn't available till Wednesday all along but the receptionist scheduled her today with another doctor in the same group. When the nurse found that out, she said, No No No!) Since she's living on pain meds every 4 hours, we're really hoping and praying he will be able to squeeze her in for surgery ASAP. The sooner the better. Get that dang nerve out!

In the meantime, both of our flights to Hannover have been cancelled. A big disappointment for me, once again, but there's nothing we can do about it till Donica gets this thing behind her. Hopefully that will be soon!

So, how has the Full Moon been treating YOU today! :)


  1. :-( Oh dear! Well, I'll miss you not being here, But YES, you do need to get all this sorted out as soon as possible and I REALLY hope that will mean this week.

    I can't sleep at all during the full moon which means I'm dead on my feet today. But I'll soldier on for now and maybe grab a little nap later. :-)

    Crossing my fingers for Donica!

  2. Thanks, Christina. I'll really miss seeing the Christmas market with you. A real disappointment. But you're right. We need to get Donica's situation figured out once and for all!

    In the meantime, get your sleep!

  3. I really love that pic of the full moon, it was an incredible site! I realized that while I was falling asleep last night wishing I had a rooftop view to take a pic...

    well I hope that things go well and fast for Donica, help comes first!

  4. Oh, Ginnie. I really hope that Donica can get operated soon. It's no fun to live on pain killers. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

    I've been feeling pretty nervous/tired/out-of-it for the past few days - certainly also related to my last days at work - so I guess I didn't really notice the "extra" full moon side effects.

  5. Sending Donica all my love and positive energies!!

    I'm sorry for your disappointment this time around. It will make your next trip very special (even though it won't be Christmas).

    Love that moon. I took a photo of it coming to work this morning, since it guided me all the way. So lovely.

  6. ET: Yes, you know exactly where that pic was taken as we headed toward the restaurant before P joined us! Thanks for your best wishes for Donica. I know that means a lot to her.

    CS: I think some of us get hit more by the full moon than others. Don't know for sure. But it certainly has its way of making emotions surface that can often stay immerged. I can imagine that you are going through all kinds of thoughts and emotions as you end your last days of work there. My heart is with you!

    And thanks for your kind wishes for Donica. I'll update everyone after her doctor's appointment tomorrow.

    Ruth: The setting for this pic certainly wasn't ideal, as we headed for our restaurant with ET. But it was better than nothing. I can hardly wait to see what YOUR photos are!

    Thanks for all your energy towards Donica. I feel the healing process has already begun by what the doctor will say tomorrow!

  7. Big huge blessings your way for the both of you!

    Congrats for your team making it to the Rosebowl! That's always been the biggie in my book since I grew up in Southern California and loved the Rose Parade.

    I was all over the place yesterday with the full moon. Sunday night, I couldn't sleep, very frustrating tossing and turning and I didn't know why. But I had a lot of energy on Monday and was flittering around doing a million different things but not really able to get anything done. I did sleep very well last night though.

  8. I am glad, Mad, that you know about our football excitement! Years ago, when Amy was in 1st grade (I think) in Pasadena, her teacher was a USC grad. That year USC and U of M played at the Rosebowl and whoever lost had to treat the other to lunch. Sad to say, I did the treating! Maybe this year the tables will be turned! :)

    We all need to calm down a bit, don't we! :)

  9. I certainly hope that Donica gets treated as fast as possible!! The constant pain and pain killers must be exhausting.

    I love that shot of the moon!!

  10. Thanks, DW. I really don't like that she's on the pain killers all during her waking hours, day after day. I'm really hoping the doctor will opt for surgery now, even if his schedule is too full, instead of waiting till the new year. All those pain meds can't be good for her!

    Glad you like the shot of the moon. I would have liked a more romantic view but the full moon is the full moon, no matter where it is!

  11. WOW! What an incredible shot! Love the contrast of round moon and lines of the bldg and bridgeway. Very cool! Hope this day brings more balance....

  12. Thanks a million, GZ, for stopping by and commenting!

  13. Craziness is in my life... I don't know if fullmoon is responsible... Badbadbadfullmoon! :) Praying for Donica! And forya! :)

  14. So sorry you had a bad full moon, MP! She does have a way of throwing her force around. :(